Top 4 malfunctions of Samsung No Frost refrigerators

Household refrigerators Samsung with system Full No Frost – modern convenient refrigerating technics. The evaporator in such refrigerators is one, it is located in the freezer compartment. The refrigerating compartment is cooled at the expense of the fan which drives the cold air from the evaporator of the freezer to the refrigerating compartment via special channels. The evaporator in the freezer compartment has a built-in heating element that periodically switches on and thaws the snow and ice formed on the evaporator. Thus, it is not necessary to defrost the No Frost refrigerator – it does it automatically.

Despite the evident advantage over the common fridges – the presence of an automatic defrost system and No Frost – this is simultaneously a minus because the defrost system is the weakest link in this type of Samsung fridge. One or several elements of this system break down – the defroster (defrost sensor), the fuse, the timer, and/or the heating element. Let’s consider all breakages in detail.

Fuse blown
The fuse in Know Frost refrigerators has a protective function. When for some reason the fridge does not defrost, the heating element continues to heat, and the evaporator temperature becomes higher than a certain norm (usually 60-70°Ñ), the protection functions: the fuse blows, the circuit is broken automatically, and the fridge continues to work without defrosting.

After fuse blowing, the Samsung Know Frost refrigerator will function normally for about one or two weeks, and then you will notice that ice has formed in the freezer, the refrigerating compartment cools poorly, and the compressor works with rare shutdowns.

The repair consists of replacing the fuse. In some Samsung No Frost refrigerators, it comes in the same body as the defrost sensor, so both parts are replaced.

The defrost timer is out of order.
The timer switches the cooling and defrosts modes. When it fails, the Samsung refrigerator either gets stuck in defrost mode and does not turn on at all, or does not defrost. In the second case, the evaporator is covered with ice, the refrigerating chamber cools poorly or does not cool at all, and the compressor constantly works or rarely shuts down.

To eliminate the malfunction it is necessary to replace the timer.

From the practice of the master! Often together with the defrost timer the fuse and/or defrost sensor (defroster) malfunction. Therefore, if you find that the timer is defective, you should also check the fuse and defrost sensor.

Defrost sensor defective
The sensor measures the temperature in the evaporator. According to its signal, the refrigerator starts defrosting and finishes it. If the sensor fails, the Samsung refrigerator either does not defrost at all or does not defrost at all. In the first case, a coat builds up on the evaporator, blocking the cold air supply to the fridge compartment, and the fridge compartment does not cool. In the second case, the Samsung No Frost refrigerator freezes in defrost mode and does not turn on.

It is necessary to replace the sensor with a new one. In some models of refrigerators, the defrost sensor and the fuse are found in the same body, therefore they are changed together.

From the practice of the master! Often together with the defroster the defrost timer also fails. Therefore, if you change the sensor, be sure to measure the timer resistance. It should be in the range of 10-30 kOhm.

Defrost heater burned out
The defrost heater is built into the evaporator in the freezer compartment. When the evaporator temperature drops below a certain level, defrost sensor signals this, and the heater turns on. During defrosting the evaporator temperature rises, and when it reaches a certain level, the heater is switched off. The coil in the heater usually burns out.

If the heater element fails, it must be replaced.

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