Top Dryer Maintenance Tips For Easier Laundry Days

A dryer is a useful appliance that makes laundry days much easier. These appliance a great investment and usualy requires minimal maintenance to keep it running well. While they don’t require a lot of work to keep in top functioning condition, there are still a few simple things you should do to keep your dryer working as it should. Doing so will also reduce the chance of dryer fires, a condition that happens more often in residential homes than people are aware of.

Lint, for example, is a fire hazard. This is one of the reasons why the average person will remember to cleaner out the lint dryer every time they use the dryer. Not only does it make it easier for air to flow into the dryer, but it also means that those dry bits of fabric and dust don’t sit close to the heating source in the dryer, potentially causing a fire.

Cleaning out the lint trap doesn’t require consultation with a repair technician. However, if this is something you regularly forget to do, you may end up needing to call someone to fix a dryer that could have lasted longer if something as simple as the lint trap was regularly cleaned. If the lint trap isn’t regularly cleaned, bits and pieces of lint can get into other parts of the dryer, like the heating unit or the motor, and burn out those parts of the appliance. Sometimes a dryer motor might have to work harder if there’s so much lint that air can’t get pulled through the system easily. A harder working motor burns out faster.

It should be noted that it’s a good idea to actually wash your link trap about every three months. Completely pull it out of the dryer and wash it with warm water and dish soap. Or you can put it on the top rack of your dishwasher and let in run through a cycle with your dirty dishes. Make sure the lint trap is completely dry before putting it back into the dryer.

While so much focus is placed on the lint trap, bits of fabric and dust can also collect in the exhaust vet. Some dryer experts say that this is one of the more crucial areas of dryer maintenance, and also often overlooked despite how simple the process is to complete. A clogged exhaust vent is a fire hazard and reduces the efficiency of your dryer ultimately costing you more in electrical costs to run it.

To clean the exhaust vent, remove the vent from the back of the dryer and pull out the lint build up. You can even take a vacuum inside the vent for a better cleaning. This should be done at no more than two years apart. If your dryer is heavily used, then you should do this more often. For the time it takes to clean an exhaust vent, you can easily do it every six months or so.

Every season you should also check the vent cap outside your home. This is opening on the outside of your home where the heat from the dryer escapes. It should be cleared often of leaves, dirt, snow and any other build up. Doing so will let the air flow freely outside the home.

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