Top Tips To Extend The Life of Your Household Appliances

Appliances, especially the large ones, often require a significant amount of money or investment. It’s surprising that so few people take the time to care for their appliances and protect the investment that they’ve made. It’s simple to extend the life of your home appliances and you generally won’t need to do anything complicated or difficult to make this happen. The alternative is spending more money you don’t need to spend constantly replacing expensive appliances like refrigerators and washing machines that would have lasted longer with a little TLC.

The Basics

Most appliances will function better if they’re clean. Not only will they look better and be more hygienic to use, clean appliances will last longer. When referring to clean, this does not mean the occasional surface wipe, although it’s a good idea to do that too. Clean refers to those parts you don’t see daily but can easily collect dust and grime that impact the way the unit will work.

Coils behind a refrigerator should be vacuumed and wiped a couple of times a year. Your freezer should also be cleaned frequently. It’s a part of a fridge that many people forget when they give the interior a wipe down. Cleaning a freezer is similar to cleaning a refrigerator. Unplug the appliance, remove all the food and wipe down the interior. A baking soda solution is a good option that’s non-abrasive and doesn’t contain chemicals. Rinse all surfaces with warm water when completed and then completely dry the freezer before plugging it back in.

Freezers that are not frost free will require manual defrosting at least once a year before the frost gets about ½ inch thick. Use a hard plastic spatula or ice scraper to remove the frost layer. Wood works well too. Avoid metal and anything sharp since that could damage the interior surface of the freezer.

Range Cleaning Tips

You should clean your oven often even if you don’t have caked on food debris stuck to it. Once the food starts to stick to the elements of the stove or inside the oven, it can eventually damage the surface. Caked on food can also affect the effectiveness of the elements.

Once food does get caked on, it can take some effort to remove it. Use small amounts of cleaning fluid on the surface of a rag instead of spraying the surface. There is the chance that the fluid could seep into or onto the control panels causing the electrical circuit to short out. Baking soda can also work for cleaning hard to get stains.

Avoid using aluminum foil under the heating element inside your oven. Some may be tempted to do this to make cleaning easier and prevent food from baking to the bottom.

Watch Those Filters

Many modern appliances from dishwashers, to refrigerators, to dryers, to washers, to ovens now have filters. Just like your furnace, the filters on these appliances need to be regularly cleaned to keep the appliances working in top form. Additionally, you can call in the appliance repair service in San Diego County to assist with this.

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