In the summer seasons it becomes to worrying that refrigerator is not cooling down as it should be, you can call us or do it yourself:

  • Check the controls – Are they ON – Are they set properly? Are they at midrange levels?
  • If still not cooling – Turn the thermostat up to the next highest setting.
  • If it comes on or is cooling more proficiently let it run for 24 hours
  • Check it after 24 hours if cooling properly.

Don’t cover with any items on the top and make sure there is at least 1/2″- 1″ clearance on the sides of the appliance. Make sure the refrigerator is level or very slightly tilted back so the door closes completely.

Don’t put warm dishes into the fridge, let it cool down.. Try to maintain the refrigerator temperature at 35 – 39 degrees on average – Increase or decrease this if there is more or less than an average amount of items in the refrigerator. Also try not to let it be open for lengths of time because than the compressor has to work harder in order to get back to optimal temperature.

Once or twice a year use 1 tsp of baking soda – dissolved in warm water – and clean the door gasket. This not only removes dirt and debris but it keeps the gasket soft and functional. A couple of times a year check the door gasket. If it is loose – letting cold air out – replace it. A leaky door gasket shortens the life of the compressor and wastes energy.

It is important that the refrigerator coils are kept clean of built up dust and debris. Determine where the coils are located (behind the snap off grill on the front at the bottom or at the back of the unit partially covered by cardboard and use a condenser brush or vacuum cleaner, to clean at least twice a year. Condenser brushes can be found at most hardware stores or use your vacuum brush attachment. Unplug the unit, and avoid the refrigerator’s insulation and fan blades. At least once a year slide the refrigerator out and clean behind it.

If you are moving and as a result changed the position so the compressor oil can run out and into the condenser and can cause the compressor to be burnt within a few hours or less because it has no oil, if for any reason it does not remain upright, do not plug it in for a day or two and you may get lucky and the oil will run back into the compressor…..It would be a lot more effective to contact a professional and have then install some oil to play it safe.

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