Troubleshooting refrigerator tightness problems

If the refrigerator door does not close tightly, then the problem is in the sealing rubber. If it is deformed or damaged, there is no air tightness in the chamber, which leads to fast food spoilage. To repair the rubber, you will need glue, a clamp, alcohol, a screwdriver, and a spatula. If the seal is damaged in one place, you can glue it back on. If the rubber is deformed along the entire perimeter or rotted, it is replaced by a new element.


Have decided to repair the sealant independently, know that it is made of polyvinylchloride and is attached in each model of refrigerator differently:


– It is inserted into the groove.

– Screwed on with a screwdriver.

– Glued along the contour of the door.


The new element is attached similarly to the old one. If the rubber band is glued into the door itself, you can not do without a master. To replace the part, remove the door from its hinges and place it on the table or floor. Cut the joints and remove the tape using tweezers. Use a stud to install the gasket. If your refrigerator is an older model. Then the rubber band will have to be adjusted to size by cutting two vertical and horizontal elements, which are fastened together with glue. Be sure to check the size with the old sealant. Alcohol must be used to degrease the surface before gluing the rubber.


How to avoid breakage


To avoid breakage of the refrigerator door, it is enough to adhere to a few simple rules:


– Regularly wash the door seal, carefully removing all contaminants.

– Do not slam the door or grab the rubber gasket.

– Follow the three-minute rule. After opening the refrigerator door, open it again after three minutes. This is enough time to equalize the pressure outside and inside. Then you won’t have to force the refrigerator open.

-Don’t put too much food on the door shelves. Under the weight, it may warp, which will result in a leaking chamber.

– Lubricate the hinges of the refrigerator door in a timely manner. They should work easily. You should not wait until the element starts to creak. Lubrication is done once every three years.


Make sure to entrust refrigerator repair to professionals. Do not deal with the breakage yourself, not having knowledge in this area. Otherwise, it can lead to other types of breakdowns, which will only aggravate the situation and have a bad effect on your budget.


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