Typical breakdowns of washing machines

Let’s look at the most common defects that can often be found in the operation of modern washing machines. All machines that have electromechanical programmers on their panels also have a handle with the placement of all program icons. Therefore, if you master the principle of the contact system of the programmer, you can very easily and quickly check any contacts.

Then let’s list the main faults in electrical circuits and the causes of their appearance.

Breakdown of the heating element

For example, you have a burned-out heating element. When you start the machine, the water is completely filled to the desired level and the laundry hatch is blocked, the drum starts to rotate, but when you turn on the water heating function, the mechanism abruptly stops working and only the power indicator lights up. If you turn the temperature control button to the opposite position (that is, start washing in cold water), the device begins to come to life and the drum continues to spin. This can be explained by the fact that many electronic circuits of washing machines with an adjustable thermostat are created on such a principle that the voltage is applied to the synchronous motor of the programmer only after the water heats up to 30 C.

Malfunction of the valve winding for the water supply

This is the most popular mismatch. For example, if the winding is burned out during the rinse water supply, it means that your washing will be completed in the usual way, and the fault will make itself felt only when you start the machine next time. If you do not find such a malfunction and restart the mechanism, you will see it only when the indicator membrane lights up.

Defective drain pump

Water stops flowing into the device if the drain pump winding is out of order. In almost all schemes of automatic washing machines, the valve works first, and then the drain pump. The resistance of the pump winding can be approximately 170 to 200 Ohms, and the valve winding – is 3.5 kOhms. Therefore, the valve will start working only if the pump winding is in good condition. In addition, the valve winding will receive more voltage than the pump. When spinning the laundry, the full supply voltage will be applied to the drain pump winding. Consequently, in case of its breakdown, water will not enter the machine and exit the tank.

Failure of the thermal lock for locking

The thermal lock has 2 functions:

– blocking the hatch for loading the laundry;

– providing power supply to the CMA electrical circuit.

It can break when foam or water gets into it. As a result, the contacts burn out, through which the voltage is supplied to the electrical circuit. Water will be collected, and the washing program will also be executed, but the drum with clothes will stand still.

Breakdown of electronic modules of the machine

There are three types of modules:

1. Modules for controlling the motors

2. Modules common with the command apparatus

3. Electronic modules.

If you see that the module board is damaged, then, of course, it is better not to repair it. To repair such elements, you need to know at least the basics of electronics and have skills in working with electronic devices. In case of minor damage, for example, burning out a conductor on the board or a fuse, you can try to repair the module.

Remember that all operations related to the repair of washing machines must be carried out in compliance with all electrical safety standards.

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