What a dependent cooktop means

When setting up a kitchen, there are always three things to look for convenience, comfort, and functionality. It takes the most time to choose a cooktop because it is one of the key kitchen appliances. It can be dependent and independent. Each variety has its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will talk about what a dependent cooktop means.


Features of a dependent cooktop


“Dependent” equipment implies that it can only work in conjunction with the oven. They share common electrical cables and a single control unit. Therefore, it goes without saying that the only possible location of the oven will be under the panel.


In other words, such appliances are somewhat similar to the stoves sold today in outlets that specialize in the sale of household appliances. The difference is that the cooking surface requires to be built into the countertop, while the stove does not.


Help! A dependent appliance always has a lower cost than a stand-alone.


What are the differences between it and the independent


What are the differences between the two varieties of hob designs? First of all, let’s consider what a standalone device is. It is equipped with its own control unit, can stand apart from the oven, and have a different size. A stand-alone panel is built into the countertop of the set, and the oven is installed anywhere in the working area.


Purchasing independent cooking equipment, it is acceptable not to put the oven at all. This is the best solution if the hostess and her family do not like baking and do not tolerate baked meat and vegetable dishes.


To summarize. Dependent cooktop:


– Fits into the kitchen unit;

– Requires the selection in advance and taking into account the area of the countertop;

– costs much less than the independent;

– fits perfectly into the kitchen environment, since it has the same dimensions and design as the oven.


Stand-alone household product:


– Allows you to place the oven anywhere in the kitchen or avoid it altogether;

– Has more convenient management.


Attention! Whichever device you decide to buy, first of all, you need to decide on the countertop, in which it will cut.


Before installing a dependent/independent panel, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with a number of nuances:


– The dependent appliance is installed in one area, near the power source or gas pipe valve.

– If it fails, the entire unit will have to be repaired.

– It has a connection to other cables, while an independent one does not.

– The independent unit can stand in any corner of the kitchen space.


Features of the independent and dependent cooktop


The standalone option is more practical. But if you need to save the family budget – focus on dependent models. In this case, you will not need to worry about a single style. And this choice is justified in the situation of equal use of the oven and the surface.


Do you plan to use your oven a lot? In such a situation, it is preferable to opt for an independent unit and buy an oven that runs on electricity. It is believed that baking in it turns out better than in a gas oven.


When choosing appliances, consider the presence of additional options. Also, be sure to check that it is in harmony with the style of the kitchen.


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