What Could Be Causing Your Fridge To Leak?

Leaking problems in a fridge are always unexpected. You don’t hear it or even see it, but when the refrigerator leaks, you will step in it. You may just pass it off as someone has spilled something and didn’t clean it up, but there may be another issue that will need to be figured out in order to continue using your refrigerator. First of all, you need to consider safety first. You don’t want to fall down in the wetness nor do you want to be shocked so it’s important that you follow these tips to determine where the leak is first.

While there are technicians that can repair almost everything, you simply need to know the model and make of your fridge to determine how to fix it. Water leaks can vary so it’s important to pin point the area that is leaking. First, find out where the leak is coming from.

– Water leak is inside: This could mean that you have a defroster drain line separation inside that is leaking or a line that has gone bad.
– Water leaking at the rear: This could mean that the water line or ice maker is now malfunctioning
– Water leak from the front: the drain tube is clogged
– Leak is at the bottom: The drain pan has a hole in it or is misplaced
Other than that there are plenty of other issues that can lead to a fridge leaking. This includes:

Defrost Drain is Clogged

If the leak is mainly inside, you most likely have a problem with the auto defrost becoming clogged. The extra moisture will need to go somewhere so it will travel down the drain and underneath to the drain pain.This drain can become clogged with ice chunks or food particles. You will find the drain lines on most fridges to be in the back behind the crisper drawer. Remove the top of the outlet and look for clogs. You can even flush the drain if you don’t see any blocks. Use warm water to clear these lines.

Failure of Pipe or Water Valve

If the water leak is in the rear, you may have a water value or pipe that needs fixed. You will most likely need to call a certified technician to do this part of the repairs. To keep you and your family safe while waiting on the repairman, unplug the refrigerator and move it away from the wall. While you have it pulled away from the wall, you can check to see if the solenoid switch is bad. This switch controls the water value by opening up or closing when necessary. Unfortunately this can leak from time to time. Check the water pipes and value to ensure there is no leaks or holes that are visible. You can contact a repairman to replace any of these if needed. You will want to make sure that the water line is secured so it doesn’t leak on the floor.

Connection of the Water Filter

Refrigerators have a water filter that could be replaced every six months or so. The water can leak from here for many reasons, including:

– Incorrect size
– Not installed correctly
– Poor connection between the supply line and water filter
– The wrong model was placed on it
– Cracked housing/seals

To diagnose this problem, you will need to call a repairman. With plenty of appliance repair services available in the city, work with the best technicians.

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