What Do I Do As My Washer Doesn’t Spin?

A broken washer is usually a sign of disaster in the majority of homes. This is the main reason for which you would want to get the help of professionals as soon as it’s possible. A broken appliance doesn’t have to be the hassle that it usually is just because an expert could handle it quite quickly. Of course, the washing machine is an integral part of your household and as such you need to ensure that everything is handled perfectly.

However, there are quite a few different components which might cause your washer to fail. One of the most common problems reported by a lot of customers is when the washing machine doesn’t spin. This might seem like a serious problem, but the first thing that you need to do is to identify the source of the problem. It could be caused by quite a few things, some of which are not as specific and easy to fix while others might be integral and they could be quite expensive. It’s important to determine whether the fix is worth it or it’s better to buy a new unit. However, let’s take a look at the things that you might want to take into account in terms of potentially malfunctioning components.

Direct drive motor coupling

Quite a few models of top loading washers use this particular component in order to transfer the power from the motor right towards the transmission. The coupling is going to connect both components and it consist of two drive forks made out of plastic. If the coupling is failing, the motor won’t transfer the necessary power and the washer won’t spin – it’s as simple as that.

Door lock and your interlock

Normally the locks of the washing machines are also indicating whether the cycle should start. So basically as long as the lock doesn’t indicate that the door is actually locked, the machine won’t start working out of safety reasons. So, if the indicator isn’t working, you are dealing with a faulty lock which can prevent the washer from spinning.

Wax motor

A few front loading machines have wax motors which are engaging the aforementioned door lock assembly. When the motor fails, the door lock is not going to engage, hence not allowing the machine to spin. Thus, you might end up with piles of laundry to wash but without the door locking, the washer will not start. All it needs is a quick lock change or repairs so that you can start it again.

Of course, there are quite a few different reasons apart from this one which are also going to be causing this issue. That’s why it’s best to trust the appliance repair professionals in San Diego County. This is something which can turn out to be particularly beneficial and as such it’s important to take it into proper consideration. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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