What is the Booster function in the hob and how to use it

The booster function in the hob is designed to quickly increase the temperature and cooking of the dish. How to use the booster function depends primarily on the recipe. In some cases, it can be extremely useful, while in other situations, on the contrary, it harms the quality of the dish. For example, the “booster” in the induction hob allows you to boil water about 3 times faster than in normal mode. But, the temperature increase occurs for a very short time, which eliminates the possible negative effects.


Features of the “Booster” function


The function briefly increases the power of the stove. Products are heated much faster in comparison with the standard mode. Only one burner can be activated. To activate the function, there is usually a separate button. On some devices it is possible to activate by pressing a single button, in each case, you should be guided by the instructions.


The function can remain active for a set period or until a certain event occurs. For example, the increased heating will turn off when the cookware is removed from the hob. Normally, if the cookware is returned to the surface within three minutes, Booster mode will continue.


Please note! If you increase the power on one burner, the power on the other burners is automatically reduced.


The mode can be active for a certain period. After the specified time has elapsed, the hob will automatically switch back to the initial mode.


Advantages of the Booster function


The main advantage of this mode is that for some time (about 10 minutes) one of the burners can operate at high power. The rest of them are working at reduced power. This allows you to get the highest performance on one of the burners for fast cooking.


Please note! The power value is displayed and adjusted on the control panel. The parameter must be flexibly adjusted according to the recipe and the products used for cooking.


The power of other burners is reduced, while the current value of this parameter is displayed for each of them. The panel displays information about the burner, working in “booster” mode. Timer mode can be adjusted in different ranges (depending on the manufacturer and model). Most models can signal the moment of stopping and allow you to adjust the mode down to seconds.


How much the power increases


In most cooktops in booster mode, the power increases by about 1.5 times. For this purpose, inside the device, the burners are combined in pairs. Accordingly, any surface with this function has a paired number of burners. Each pair consists of a main burner and an additional burner.


In standard mode, they work together at approximately 3.6 kW. The additional burner can give the main burner about 0.8 kW. Thus, one will work at 1 kW and the other at 2.6 kW. Due to this, the increased performance in Booster mode is achieved.


But, the above figures are only approximate. Specific figures are individual for each model. The actual data can be found in the datasheet on each hob. Also, understand that the power per burner can not exceed the cumulative figure for the entire panel


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