What should I do if my washing machine overheats?

Uncontrolled heating of the water in washing machines is a very unpleasant phenomenon. Especially when it comes to washing clothes that require the most delicate treatment. You will have to agree that it is a shame to pull out your favorite items from the machine looking like they are not pretty. Many things can only be washed at a certain temperature. As the temperature rises, the properties of the materials deteriorate, spoiling your clothes and bedding.


It is difficult to detect overheating, and you are unlikely to be able to repair the problem yourself. Professional washing machine repair is required. Therefore, if you have noticed that after washing some things lose their normal look, and you are convinced of the correctness of the program choice, you should contact a professional technician. He will rectify the fault, after which washing is once again a safe activity.


How are washing machines repaired when overheating is detected?

Unfortunately, the above-mentioned problems have no clearly defined “symptoms” (unless, of course, steam begins to fall from the machine), and therefore you should focus on the deterioration of washing quality. The causes of this phenomenon are as follows:


Failure of the thermistor. It is the water temperature sensor, which detects the degree of heating and gives the command to turn off the heating. Scale build-up on the thermistor leads to malfunctions and the solution is to replace the sensor.

Failure of the heating element relay. Sometimes this element does not respond to the signals from the thermistor and continues to heat water until the unit is switched off. In this case, the relay can be replaced.


The thermostat is defective. The problem is typical of older units with electromechanical control. The heating element simply does not switch off and the water is heated indefinitely. A new thermostat must be installed.

Control board malfunction. Results in no response to signals to stop heating. Washing machine repair involves replacing damaged parts.


How much will it cost to repair washing machines with overheating?

The cost of the service depends on the model of the machine and the nature of the breakdown. In most cases, parts will need to be replaced, and it is the cost of buying them that plays a key role in the pricing.


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