What to do if the washing machine does not drain water – basic tips for the user

The first thing that owners face is a kink in the drain hose caused by improper installation or the occurrence of excessively active vibrations (shear) during operation. You should visually inspect the outlet for deformation and mechanical damage. To do this, as a rule, the machine must be pulled out and turned. The drain hose (depending on the model) is located on the side or on the back of the housing. If problems are detected, align the outlet. Or replace the hose in case of serious damage to its integrity.

Why water does not drain from the washing machine – what to do, possible prerequisites:

– make sure that you have selected the appropriate mode, and not the “no spin” program (stop the cycle and restart the desired one);

– drum overload – remove excess laundry;

– incorrect operation due to software failures – restart the system.

There are several ways to solve the last two problems. Choose the appropriate option for a specific model (you’re) washing machine.

First, turn off the device with the “Power” button. After waiting 30-40 seconds, you can start the cycle again. If the problem persists, repeat the same manipulations, only you need to disconnect the washing machine completely and wait 15-20 minutes. Then connect back and repeat the program start.

On some models, there is a RESET button that automatically and completely restarts the software. You can also reset the settings using the “Start / Stop” button. It is necessary to press this button for 3-5 seconds until a characteristic response appears. This method does not always work.

In active mode, the washing machine will first try to drain the water before restarting. If it fails, the “circle will close”. This method is more suitable in cases of lack of water heating, spinning, drum stopping, deterioration of washing quality, and other problems associated with draining.

Another reason is the overload of the machine. In many models, there is no “Drain” mode. You will need to set the cycle “Rinse and spin” or simply “Spin” to take away part of the laundry from the drum. Or perform a complete reset.

Did not help more than one method? Still tormented by the question of why the washing machine does not drain the water, then it’s time to move on to more radical solutions.

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