Who needs a dishwasher?

The question “do we need a dishwasher in the kitchen or can we do without one? It is difficult to decide if on the one hand tired of endless washing of soup pots, greasy pans and plates, and on the other hand – the arguments of friends about the extra costs and inconveniences of using a dishwasher.

We’ll tell you the pros and cons of owning a dishwasher. We’ll weigh the pros and cons to help you make the right decision. After evaluating the information we provide, it will be easier to decide.

Arguments for and against the purchase
Considering the advisability of buying a smart dishwasher, potential owners, as a rule, begin to study the reviews of real users and only then the proposals of manufacturers of this kind of equipment.

The arguments against the dishwasher
And here the opinions are divided into 2 opposite camps – “for” and “against”. Moreover, the happy owners of machines advise not to think too much and to buy immediately.

And opponents bring a number of arguments against dishwashers, noting its complete uselessness at home. Moreover, they are sure that they will have to waste extra time washing after it.

Having studied the complaints of dishwasher opponents, we were able to identify the main arguments, which are the following statements

– it is bought by lazy housewives who find it difficult to wash 2 plates and a cup in a day;
– the machine washes dishes for 2-3 hours, and the water flows and consumes electricity all this time;
-Expendables all need to buy (tablets, salt, etc.), and this is an unnecessary expense;
-Dishwashing detergents – all chemistry, which does not wash out;
-The machine itself is expensive and you need to allocate space for it;
-It is impossible to wash half of the dishes in it, any way you will have to work with your hands;
– the dishwasher spoils dishes and breaks glasses.

In this row of negative opinions, most of them are delusions, which have no relation to the real experience of using the machine.

Consider the real drawbacks highlighted by dishwasher owners:

The saddest of the disadvantages is the choice of a suitable place. Here it is optimal if it is provided at the stage of repair. Otherwise, it is necessary to include as much imagination as possible, changing the placement of furniture/household appliances.

After all, the dishwasher can not be placed anywhere – it still has to connect to the water and sewage. And the outlet will need to be free.

A variant with a compact model may not be suitable when the number of household members exceeds 3-4 people. Here the rational decision will be the choice of a more capacious unit – for 10 or more sets. It is good if the dimensions of the kitchen allow allocation to a comfortable place.

There is no need to talk about superfluous consumption of water and electricity – this statement is crushed to ashes by the real indicators of meters. The cost of 9-15 liters of cold water used in one cycle, will result in a negligible amount per month.

And the electricity bill will not increase substantially because the modern dishwasher requires an average of 0.75-1.05 kWh of power. And this figure depends on the model and selected mode. There are even more economical ones.

As for the difficulties in operation, all that is required from the owner is to place the kitchen utensils correctly, taking into account their specificity. As well as timely refill the unit with detergents and 1-2 times a month wash the sprinklers (beads) and filters.

Advantages of using a dishwasher
The main argument of opponents of dishwashers, claiming the need to wash 2 plates and a cup/glass a day, corresponds to reality only in the apartment of a bachelor, eating at his mom’s place/cafe/canteen.

Only a single person who comes home to sleep over won’t dirty the dishes. And families of 3 or more people, especially those with a child/children, note the active circulation of kitchen utensils in their kitchen.

Therefore, there is no need to talk about real-time savings here – this fact is evident. After all, the volume of dishes is not limited to the proverbial plate.

Especially when the family has 2 young children, which still need supervision and care – the children need to be fed more than 1 time a day, and the sink is filled with dishes catastrophically fast. In addition to the time that the dishwasher frees up for more pleasant things, other benefits stand out.

The best part is that the owners, who have already had a dishwasher in their kitchen, do not regret purchasing it. Moreover, they note that there is no need to save money by choosing the cheapest one. It is better to add 3-5 thousand and buy the optimal model, which will have all the necessary functions.

Therefore, special attention should be paid to choosing a dishwasher, and carefully analyzing the need for these or those functions. And the size should be chosen correctly, taking into account the real volume of daily dishes.

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