Why does the microwave not heat?

One of the most common reasons why the microwave stopped heating is a non-working magnetron. It is designed to provide rapid heating inside the device. With its help, electromagnetic waves are generated, which heat the products.

A magnetron is an electronic electrovacuum device that generates microwave radiation by the interaction of an electron flux with the electric component of an ultrahigh-frequency field in a space where a constant magnetic field is perpendicular to a constant electric field.

Not all magnetron breakdowns can be repaired without complete replacement. Here are the main ones:

– sealing failure (in this case it is better to replace it completely);
– physical wear (if so, the spare part must be replaced);
– broken filament;
– the capacitor is out of order (the flow or its capacity differs from the nominal one);

To check the performance of the magnetron, you must use a tester. To do this, put it in the “ringing” mode and check its functionality.

Next, check the resistance from the terminals to the body

If the resistance is high, it indicates a malfunction of the magnetron. Perhaps it will be enough to replace the through a capacitor, which is located in the same housing as the leads.

The transformer in the microwave oven does not work

Signs of a non-working transformer in the microwave:

1. the microwave does not heat the food;
2. extraneous loud noise that was not previously observed in the operation of the device;
3. the smell of burnt insulation and smoke may also appear

If you observe one of these symptoms, then immediately disconnect the appliance from the mains and call a master who will diagnose and repair your device.

One of the reasons why the transformer breaks down is a deviation in the power grid.

Other malfunctions of microwaves due to which food may not be heated

One of the reasons why the microwave does not heat may be an incorrectly selected mode in the microwave oven. For example, it often happens that before heating the food used defrosting mode and forgot to change to heating.

The problem may be with the door of the device:

– not tightly closed;
– special latches are out of order.

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