Why does the microwave oven turn off after a few seconds?

Microwave ovens are very popular because of their ability to quickly defrost, heat, and even cook food. Owners of microwave ovens are faced with such an unpleasant problem, as the device turns off after a few seconds of operation. Why this can happen and how to solve this problem, will tell you below.


The main reason for the spontaneous shutdown of the microwave after the start of work is overheating, which was caused by various malfunctions. In addition, the device quickly stops working if some nodes are broken: magnetron, inverter, control module.


Determining the cause of the microwave oven shut down on their own is often not an easy matter. In some cases, you can get it by replacing the broken part, in a number of other cases you will need the help of a qualified service technician.


Non-serious malfunctions that lead to the microwave oven turning off

  1. Fan failure

The fan (cooler) cools the appliance during operation. If this does not happen, the safety relay will make the microwave shut down. The fan most often suffers blades or motor, which break, and the bearing, which can crumble or jam, as well as there, are difficulties with the regulator, which is responsible for the speed of rotation of the cooler. To replace the elements and repair the fan will need to involve a specialist.


The fan may also fail to cool properly due to contamination. Grease adheres to the blades, as a result, they rotate more slowly, and debris and pieces of food can get stuck in the bearing. You can determine the problem by looking at the cooler. If it is dirty, simply wash it.


  1. Fan Relay Broken

If the relay is faulty, the microwave may turn on and off by itself. Only an at-home microwave repairman can determine this problem and fix it.


  1. heating the microwave oven from the outside

If the microwave is overheated by external heat sources, such as batteries or a stove, or the temperature in the room is too high, then the device will turn off. Determining this problem is easy – you need to try the wall of the appliance. If the wall is very hot – just move the microwave to another time.


  1. Ventilation holes are closed

If the appliance is standing in cramped conditions, the vents will be closed, causing it to overheat.


  1. Control panel buttons are stuck

Buttons are located on the control panel. Dirt, dust, food particles, and grease get stuck in the holes between them and the panel. A stuck button can cause the appliance to shut itself off.


Serious problems that cause the microwave oven to turn off


  1. The door switch goes off and leaves the door open. The microwave thinks the door is open, the fuse is triggered, and the oven shuts off.


  1. Control panel malfunction. If you exclude the variant when the buttons on the control panel are stuck because of dirt, the non-working control panel must be replaced. Only a qualified microwave oven repair technician can do the work of reinstalling the board.


  1. The voltage transformer has burned out. This creates a high voltage in the oven, which feeds the magnetron that heats the food. In this breakdown, you will smell burning. In this case, it is strictly forbidden to do anything to the appliance, as a large amount of electricity can be stored in the capacitor. Diagnosis and repair of the equipment should be carried out by a specialist.


  1. Breakage of the thermostat. It is necessary to replace it with a new one.


  1. Failure of the thermostat, which must be replaced with a new thermostat.


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