Why does the refrigerator hum – 5 explanations and actions to prevent it

It happens like this: you buy a refrigerator, transport it carefully, it waits for the proper 12 hours before turning it on, so that the refrigerant settles, and when it is turned on, it hums like a steam train. A day and a week pass, and he makes noise. What to do, how to be?


Why the refrigerator hums: probable causes

There is no smoke without fire, just as there is no noise without a cause. Sometimes opportunities happen because of our inattention, in some cases because of ignorance. In any case, the noise will have to be eliminated: by yourself or by a craftsman – we’ll figure it out.


Reason #1: noise due to improper installation


This is not even the reason, but our inattention. If you bought the unit and did not remove the packing materials somewhere (sometimes, you neglected to take care of them), their remains can interfere with the operation of the engine and fan, creating noise. Also, the device makes noise if it is unevenly placed on the floor. Skewing and rattling over time loosens the fastening of the compressor – because of this, the refrigerator hums.


Reason #2: loud hum due to problems with the compressor and shock absorbers


When you hear rattling and humming, as if it is not a refrigerator in front of you, but a transformer booth, in this case, you should contact a repair shop. Otherwise, sooner or later the intrusive loud sound will not be the biggest problem.


Also, the compressor can become the “Achilles heel” of the refrigerator due to the shock absorbers that are installed on the fasteners and absorb vibration thanks to the couplings. In case of failure of any of them, the compressor vibrates uncontrollably inside the unit and the refrigerator makes a lot of noise. The fastening will have to be fixed. You can, of course, try to do it yourself, but it is better to call a master.


Reason #3: the fan is not working correctly


Noises from the fan are characteristic only for refrigerators with a drip system. If ice growths are noticed on the walls in the chamber, they may be also near the fan. He spins and scratches them. In this case, it is necessary to urgently defrost the unit. The ice will melt, the camera will be washed and the refrigerator will stop humming.


Reason #4: transport bolts


This case, too, refers to inattention rather than technical plan problems. Manufacturers fix the unit’s compressor on transport screws, which must be removed before use. If this is not done, there will be a hum during the operation of the device. Usually, upon delivery of the refrigerator to the buyer, specialists immediately remove the transport fasteners and set them level. If this moment was lost, call the store’s technical support. They will tell you how and what to do or they will come and figure it out themselves.


Reason #5: malfunctions in the electrical circuit provoke the noise of the refrigerator


Voltage spikes in the power grid do a terrible thing: because of them, the refrigerator starts to hum.


– This can cause the contacts in the electric motor to burn or short circuit.

– To prevent breakage, you should buy a voltage control relay. It will cut off the current if the voltage is too high. And when it stabilizes, the device will turn on.


It will not be superfluous to observe the rules for handling the refrigerator in case of power surges in the network.


  1. Disconnect the refrigerator and other appliances from the power supply.
  2. De-energize the premises.
  3. Check the rooms for open flames and smoke.
  4. Call specialists to eliminate the consequences or eliminate them yourself.


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