Why Doesn’t The Dryer Start?

There are quite a lot of different home appliances which could be considered important. While the dryer is one which usually plays a secondary role, being next to the washer but it is most definitely burdensome when you can’t rely on it. Sure, you can always leave your clothes to dry the regular way but when you need to get them dried quicker and your dryer doesn’t work –this is definitely a burden that you’d want to get rid of.

There are quite a few things that might get wrong with your dryer but the truth is that the most challenging part is identifying the component of the dryer that has malfunctioned. With this in mind, below you will find a few different parts which might have been damaged and have caused your dryer to fail and to stop working.

Door switch

This is one of the most integral components of any dryer unit. This is the thing which is going to allow the machine to start tumbling only when the door is properly shut. This is an application which is implemented because of safety reasons. However, if the dryer fails to start when you shut the door, this might mean that the same is defective. In the majority of the brands, the switch is conveniently located right behind the actual front panel and it’s not hard to access it in order to determine whether it has stopped working or is damaged.

Thermal fuse

Thermal fuse is another safety device which is commonly found in a range of different dryers in order to prevent overheating. It’s a sensitive fuse and it’s going to open if the temperature starts getting too hot. It is also going to interrupt power to the motor and cause the entire solution to be rather inoperable. If the fuse malfunctions, this could cause your entire device to fail to start – something that’s incredibly burdensome.

Motor Issues

Both electric and gas dryers have motors which are designated to turn the blower as well as the drum of the dryer. A defective one could prevent your dryer from starting – this is something that you want to account for.

Although you might want to look for online guides that can help you repair it, it is best left to experts. As you can see, there are quite a lot of different things which may be causing your dryer to stop working. The best thing that you can do in any of the aforementioned situations is to ensure that you get the help of a professional appliance technician with relevant experience and expertise. When they work on your damaged appliance, you can be sure that they will repair it properly so that you don’t have any further issues with your appliance. This is something particularly important and it needs to be accounted for. However, it is important that you work with a company that is licensed, insured and bonded.

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