Why Is My Electric Stove Making Clicking Noise and Not Heating?

If your induction hob starts to make a clicking sound during operation and you are sure that the appliance is defective, do not try to repair it yourself. This will lead to more serious consequences, the elimination of which will entail high costs. Choose the services of professionals from our company. We are always ready to help whatever the problem may be.

If you are having problems with your stove, the main thing is to find a reliable and skilled technician to deal with your faulty appliances in order to solve the problem but not make it even worse. San Diego Appliance Repair, the best appliance repair service provider all over San Diego County, guarantees that our technicians are expertly trained to repair gas and electric stoves. We will examine the systems that keep your stove working including safety fuses, sensors, control panels and coils using the latest technology, analysis and tools needed. Whatever the problem may be, whatever brand of stove you have, we can fix everything quickly, effectively and on low price.

Common Breakdowns Why Your Induction Cooktop Stove Making Clicking Noise

If the hob is clicking and not heating, the main source of malfunction is the burner relay. Determine the problem by expert diagnostics. By own hands checking is not possible due to the need to disassemble the case. Another source of the problem is the use of unsuitable cookware, due to which the heating is incorrect and the electronics are constantly changing the parameters of work.

If the panel or stove is clicking and still works, the source of trouble is the cooling fan. In its design caught dirt, crumbs, grease, the blades cling to them. In this case, it could be a breakdown of shaft or electric motor.
The most unpleasant situation is a short circuit in the technique after the penetration of moisture, oxidation of contacts during operation, which leads to extraneous sounds, tripping of any radio components.

Be aware that induction devices have a complex structure and require a competent approach. If you do not have enough experience, specialized tools, you run the risk of disturbing the quality of the adjacent elements in the appliance. For this reason, repairs can become unprofitable due to the high cost of restoration and spare parts.

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If you need troubleshooting advice from our experts, you will certainly get it. If you need free maintenance advice, we guarantee that you will get it. After your stove has been repaired, our technicians will double-check whether they are working properly to be confident that everything is done worthily to leave you happy and satisfied with our service.

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