Why Is My KitchenAid Dishwasher Failing To Dry The Dishes?

KitchenAid dishwashers are undoubtedly amongst the most valuable and a prized possession in the kitchen and it is one which saves us a tremendous amount of both effort and time. Long gone are the days when you had to wash your dishes manually and let them out to dry for a good half an hour at best. With the convenience brought by the dishwasher, you can now handle this in a matter of an hour without lifting your finger. All you have to do is load it.

What is more, the KitchenAid dishwasher is also going to dry the dishes so you can use them immediately after. This is the beauty of it. However, at a certain moment, the appliance is inevitably going to fail. When this happens, you ought to go ahead and get it fixed as quickly as you can. While calling the professionals is something you should undoubtedly consider, it might be a smart idea to understand where the problem comes from. Let’s have a look at a few common causes of this particular issue.

A Failing Heating Element

Obviously, the main source of heat within the dishwasher might be the first thing that comes to mind if the machine fails to deliver dry dishes. In order to test this, you should go ahead and turn the machine off the power and check it for continuity, using a regular multi-meter. The terminals for the heating element are usually located right beneath the tub of the machine. They can be easily accessed when you remove the panel. Check their condition as they also might be faulty.

High Limit Thermostat

This is another component which may be acting out. It works as a safety device and it is intended to ensure that the dishwasher doesn’t get too hot. The entire machine could shut off the heating because of a faulty thermostat and this could easily lead to wet dishes as the cycle is through. The thermostat could be found, once again, at the bottom right beneath the lower access panel.

Rinse Aid dispenser

This is a cap which could easily be the reason that refrain you from doing dishes from coming out dried. Without the rinse aid, the dishes are not going to shed water and they won’t actually dry as they are intended to. This is something that you ought to take into consideration.

With all this being said, the most reasonable thing to do is to call the specialists. Being able to point them in the right direction could potentially save you some money so the above mentioned is quite helpful as these are the most common reasons for this particular problem. The technicians of appliance repair service will be willing to do a quick diagnosis and will get it repaired so that the dishes come out completely dry.

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