Why Is My Refrigerator Too Cold?

There are a lot of important electric household appliances in every home. However, the truth is that not all of them are as important as the fridge. This is a unit with so many different purposes that it’s hard to enlist them. Of course, the main idea is to keep your expensive food refrigerated and to keep it from going bad. However, it could also serve to temper different dishes, to freeze foods and keep them in a good condition for quite a long time, to generate an ice cubes and to dispense cold and refreshing water – the list goes on and on.

However, it is also an appliance which is made out of quite a lot of different internal components. As such, if any of them goes bad, this is likely to have an impact on the entire thing. One of the problems that you probably never worried about is when the fridge gets too cold. That’s right – it can also get too cold. This could potentially damage the food that’s inside because it could freeze or catch frost. Nevertheless, there are quite a few things which might actually be causing this problem, so let’s take a look.

Air inlet damper or the baffle

This is a quick fix but still, it’s something important. These particular devices are designated to balance the flow of air from the evaporator fan housing. This is usually a flapper or a baffle which is controlled mechanically and it navigates the amount of cold air that enters the compartment for the food. This is why if it malfunctions, you are going to have issues with cold temperatures.

Temperature sensor

Of course, the temperature sensor is another component which might be causing the issue. It regulates the overall temperature inside the fridge and as such, it’s important to ensure that it works properly. The truth is that a malfunctioning temperature sensor might cause your fridge to be too cold or not cold enough, depending on the circumstances. Thus, they might just replace it and your refrigerator will work great.

Main control board

The logic is pretty much the same as the temperature sensor. The main control board kit is used to set temperatures and to ensure that everything is perfectly in line. If it fails, you are likely to experience issues.

As you can tell, there are quite a few things that you might want to take into consideration when it comes to your fridge being too cold. If that happens, it’s best if you go ahead and get the assistance of a professional local appliance technician who can handle it. This is going to ensure that the problem is fixed in a timely manner. It’s also going to get your entire unit checked for additional issues. They will do a complete check and anything that is amiss will be taken care of. Thus, it is important to keep the phone number handy so that you ca call them as needed.

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