Why is the refrigerator leaking: top 7 reasons and troubleshooting

The refrigerator is the king of the kitchen. Without it, there is no point in preparing delicious dishes, especially in summer. Therefore, any malfunction of the cooling device is an absolute reason to start solving the problem without delay. Let’s try to figure out why meltwater is flowing from under the refrigerator, where to look, and what to do in such a situation.


Leaking refrigerator: the most common reasons


  1. Banal reasons include the following: after repositioning your Samsung or LG, the drain hose was not in the tray, the drain capacity overflowed, etc.


  1. Drainage causes are everything related to the clogging or freezing of hoses intended for water drainage. Such an affliction most often occurs after several years of continuous operation of the refrigerator in the absence of proper care. Some models have a tapered rubber tip on the end of the hose. Over time, it becomes clogged with organic deposits. Water does not get into the pallet, it freezes inside. As a result, ice forms, which causes cracks in the tube and leaks.


  1. Malfunction of one of the parts, through which moisture can enter the compartment for cooling products or the freezer in the refrigerator can flow, which prevents the normal functioning of the unit.


Why is it leaking from under the refrigerator?


Went into the kitchen in the morning, and there was a puddle. If the water is under the refrigerator, do not be afraid of a quick visit from the neighbors from below. You didn’t drown anyone. Just flow your fridge. It thawed due to a power outage and overflow of the drainage tank, or for other reasons. In the first case, there is nothing to worry about at all: while there is no light, wash the cooling unit, and then it will work like new.


Why is water flowing inside the refrigerator?


A puddle in the kitchen is usually the result of moisture from the drain pipe, but ice can form in the outlet line, and then the water will not be outside, but inside the refrigerator. Another reason is the clogging of the drain. If there is a leak inside the refrigerator without No Frost, it may be due to a long power outage. The ice will not melt in an hour, but it will melt easily overnight.


Why is the freezer leaking in the refrigerator?


Modern models are characterized by the lower location of the freezer. Accordingly, the water that cannot get to the drainage container flows down the wall of the freezer. First, frost forms, then a whole glacier forms at the bottom of the compartment. The refrigerator continues to work. It can be periodically defrosted to remove ice from the bottom. However, such an order of operation negates the convenience of the Know Frost system. Without it, the main reason for the appearance of moisture in the freezer is a sudden power outage.


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