Why Isn’t My Gas Oven Heating Properly?

Now, your oven is definitely an important component of your kitchen set and it’s important that it’s kept in a proper functioning shape. However, every now and then it might malfunction. If your oven isn’t heating up, this could be caused by a few different reasons. Below are the most common ones of them and the things that you would need to take into account.

Diagnosing the issue

The issue is usually going to manifest in the oven igniter making a characteristic and distinctive clicking sound when it attempts to light up the burners. After you click it a few times, instead of hearing the igniter catching the spark and lighting up, the clicking sounds just stop and you don’t get your oven to heat up.

You should wait for a few seconds and you are most likely going to smell the natural gas which is currently being emanated from your igniter. At this particular point, you should quickly turn off the oven as you are obviously incentivizing a potential fire hazard. The most serious issue, however, is the risk of emission of carbon monoxide. The majority of the ovens would reach 350 degrees of temperature in no more than 8 minutes so anything less than that means that you are having a certain issue.

Even though a lot of older ovens use an igniter with heat resistance, a lot of the new ones have spark igniters. If you are going to attempt the repair, you should be well aware of which one your oven has.

Call in the appliance repair professionals

That’s just it. If you are having issues with your oven, calling the professionals should be out of question. The reason is quite simple, especially if you are dealing with a gas oven. Leaking natural gas creates a potential fire hazard. Explosions from malfunctioning gas systems in residential buildings are more common than you think. That is why you should not try to dismantle it on your own to repair it. The gas might need to be switched off before the oven can be repaired.

Fortunately for you, replacing the igniter with a new one isn’t an expensive repair. However, it will most definitely require the services of a professional and highly qualified specialist – someone who knows what he’s doing. Keep in mind that you are dealing with an electric appliance with high voltages and hence, you could potentially expose yourself to a significant risk of electrocution. Second, if your igniter isn’t actually installed properly, it is capable of creating different issues which could emphasize on this particular problem. You can expect to pay around $200~$250 for a new igniter to be perfectly well installed. This is an amount that you should definitely get over. At least you are going to be well aware of the fact that everything is handled professionally and by skilled experts.

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