Why the fridge bangs

Individual parts malfunction

Besides the incorrect installation and other easily correctable problems, the knocking or clicking noises in the refrigerator can signal about malfunction of its completing elements.


And though the leader of breakages is recognized as the worn-out compressor, the source of strange sounds can be also other parts of the refrigerator. Let’s analyze the most frequent troubleshooting variants.


Incorrect work of the fan

If a layer of frost has frozen in the fan area, the rotating blades will catch ice, and the refrigerator will make various clicking and grinding noises. If snow or pieces of ice from the frozen evaporator get in, there will also be a knocking noise.


There can be several reasons for increased snow production.


Improperly set temperature mode. To speed up the freezing of food or cook dishes with gelatin, hostesses often switch the cooling regulator to maximum and then forget to move it to the medium mark.


Insufficient ventilation. If the room is too hot, for example, in the summertime or during active cooking, when both the stove and the oven are working. If the appliance is too close to a wall or heating radiator, the compressor will run continuously, forcing the cold.


Leaky door. The refrigerator, especially old, with time the seal gets loosened or the capacities with products do not allow isolating it completely from the external environment.


In any case, if there is a constant inflow of warm air from the room inside the fridge, the heater will quickly have ice on it, and the motor will work tirelessly, trying to reach the desired temperatures.


Failure of the evaporator. The such breakdown is often encountered with NoFrost refrigerator models. And when the evaporator is covered with ice, the air stops circulating, forcing the fans to work continuously.


The first action is to defrost the appliance completely (not less than 10 hours), and check the set temperature mode, the tightness of the door, and ventilation gaps. In addition, it will not hurt to renew the grease in the fan bearings – with time it dries out.


It is also worth checking the condition of the electric motor winding of the impeller – with continuous uninterrupted operation, it may burn out and need to be replaced. And only after that connect the unit be to the mains again.


If the noise disappeared, but a few days later reappeared, the problem most likely lies in the iced evaporator. And in order to inspect the part, you need to remove the internal panel in the back of the refrigerator, which protects its structural elements.


The nuances of disassembly should be specified in the instructions. But also the cause of the problem can be a refrigerant leak or a clogged capillary tube. In the first case, it is necessary to determine the place of damage to the pipeline through which the working medium circulates, solder it and fill it with freon.


In the second case, it is necessary to clean the channel designed for condensate drainage into the receiver organized for it. Cleaning is made mechanically with the help of a device, available in a complete set of the majority of droplet refrigerators, or by washing with domestic chemistry.

If this does not help, it is better to disconnect the device and call a master for diagnostics. If the refrigerator continues to work, the compressor or fan may malfunction, and the repair will cost many times more.


Faulty compressor motor

The heart of the refrigerator is hidden on the back of the appliance. The compressor’s job is to pressurize so that vaporous refrigerant enters the condenser, cooling the chambers.


The freon then heats up into a liquid, enters the evaporator, and returns to its starting point again. If any malfunction disrupts this cycle, the refrigerator will not freeze.


If the compressor is broken, you will hear clicks and knocks – this is the starting relay trying unsuccessfully to start the motor. In this case, it is better to switch off the refrigerator until the repair or replacement of the worn-out part.


The truth most masters will not undertake the disassembly and repair of the dead compressor, but at once will recommend changing it for a similar model. In fact, even if it is possible to reanimate the motor, it can break down again at any moment.


If everything is not so obvious, and the device works, but with interruptions, clicks, and knocks, the bearings of the electric motor or wear of the cylinder seal are possible. But since the motor with the compressor is enclosed in a sealed housing, it is not disassembled, but simply replace the device with a new one.


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