You have suddenly found snow in the freezer of your No Frost, do not hurry to be upset, maybe you have chosen incorrectly the working mode, and your fridge is in good working order. But if everything is chosen correctly let’s analyze if it is necessary to repair your fridge.

The reasons for ice formation in the fridge No Frost

First of all let’s analyze the most harmless variant: when your fridge is in good order, but there is quite impressive snow “fur” in the freezer.

Super-freezing mode. In modern refrigerators, there is a fast freezing mode. It is used when it is necessary to quickly freeze a large volume of products. Most often, it turns off by itself after a day, but not in all models. Therefore, if you find ice in the freezer – check whether the “Super-freezing” mode is on.

Incorrect installation. The manufacturers recommend leaving at least 5 cm clearance between the fridge sides (back, sides) and the surrounding furniture/walls. And from the top of the refrigerator to the hinged furniture – at least 10 cm. If the distances are not respected, the air will not circulate properly and the heat will be dissipated from the rear grille (condenser) of the refrigerator. Refrigeration performance will deteriorate, which can lead to constant operation and icing.

Incorrect cooling mode. Setting a lower freezing/cooling temperature when it’s hot is another common user mistake that leads to ice formation. At high room temperatures, the heat exchange between the condenser and the environment is already difficult, and by cooling it more, we force it to heat up even more.

If the temperature mode is chosen correctly, the installation is correct, but ice is freezing in the No Frost freezer – unfortunately, we are talking about a breakdown.

Other possible malfunctions

Of course, ice in the No Frost freezer occurs not only because the defrost system does not work properly. Here are other breakdowns that lead to it. Although not as frequent, they are also found in the practice of SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR technicians.

Clogged freezer compartment drain
The drain hole where the water is supposed to go after defrosting the evaporator is clogged with crumbs or dust. Because of this it accumulates and freezes on the bottom of the freezer compartment.

Freezer compartment temperature sensor
It turns off the cooling of the compartment. When the temperature sensor fails and shuts off the compressor later than it should, the freezer will over-freeze.

Damaged door seal or hinges
A loose fit in the door causes warm air to enter the chamber, so ice forms.

Freon leakage
A damaged cooling circuit caused the refrigerant to leak. Trying to maintain the set temperature, the motor is constantly running, rarely shutting down.

If you notice that your No Frost refrigerator is freezing with snow and ice in the freezer, do not delay the repair. The timely repair will help avoid additional breakdowns. Call SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR or book your service.

We repair all brands of No Frost refrigerators. Work is done at your convenience, including on weekends.

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