If the lower heating element in the oven does not work or the upper heating element does not work, then the first step is to check the serviceability of the outlet. The fastest and easiest way to check is to plug in other appliances. If it turns out that the socket is working, then the heating elements may also not heat due to very low pressure. In addition, the reason why the oven does not work and the lamp does not light up may also be a problem with the device itself. In this case, it is better to call the master. Below we describe the most popular breakdowns of electric ovens.

Damaged oven cable.

Very often the oven does not turn on due to a faulty cord. It can burn out both due to prolonged use and damage due to improper operation. To fix such a problem, you need to replace the cord with a plug. To do this, remove the side and rear wall of the oven and connect the wires to the bus bars.

The automatic shutdown in the oven has become more and more frequent.

The oven also does not heat because of the automatic shutdown. Automatic shutdown is available in almost every appliance and it can be triggered by high voltage, at which the device can burn.

Wiring is a tricky system in which there are many fuses, wires, and automation. If several appliances that consume a lot of electricity are turned on at the same time, the automation will work for safety.

To solve this problem, you need to put the switch in the working position and disconnect some appliances for a while to finish cooking in the oven.

The temperature sensor does not work.

Quite a common reason why the oven does not heat. The temperature, the bimetallic sensor is used to open the circuit and prevent these major problems if the oven temperature rises significantly. If the temperature sensor is broken, the oven will be permanently inoperative.

Alternatively, the temperature sensor circuit may still be broken. This can only be checked with a multimeter.

Failed thermocouple

In any oven model, there is such an element as a thermocouple. There is such a part at the bottom of the oven. Outwardly, the thermocouple resembles a wire and is attached to the heater. If the oven often operates at high temperatures, the thermocouple fails and must be replaced. Please note that the thermocouple cannot be repaired.

You need to replace the thermostat.

The thermostat rarely breaks down, but it still happens. This is a part that is responsible for the temperature inside the oven. If the thermostat does not work properly or does not work at all, it will affect the quality of the prepared dishes.

Thermostats are of two types – electronic-mechanical and electronic. But, regardless of this, if the part does not work correctly, or does not work at all, then it urgently needs to be replaced. And to make sure that it is the thermostat, you should perform the following actions:

  1. Take a thermometer to measure the air temperature and put it in the oven.
  2. Turn the regulator to the minimum temperature setting.
  3. After a few minutes, the thermostat should work and turn off the heating element or heating elements of the oven.
  4. After that, you need to compare the temperature on the thermometer and compare it with the indicator that is set on the regulator.
  5. If the readings are different and this error is more than 10 degrees, it means that the thermostat is not working properly and must be replaced.

The control board needs to be replaced.

The control board (programmer) is one of the most important parts of ovens. After all, this component controls the entire process of the device.

Unfortunately, all modern models of ovens are very sensitive to voltage drops, so often the electric oven does not work due to the burnout of the board. Also, the board may fail due to improper connection.

To avoid this and you do not have to buy a new control board, entrust the connection of the oven to a professional. Replacing such a spare part will not be cheap, and you should understand this because such a part cannot be repaired, a complete replacement is required.

Even in the control board, the relay may burn out, and there is not one, and most often this part fails due to power surges. Call the master, and he will repair the oven quickly and efficiently, and it will work again as before.

Heating elements are faulty in the oven.

Heater failure is one of the most common reasons why an electric oven does not work. The heating element is the part thanks to which the desired temperature is reached in the oven. To replace such an element should be a master, you should not climb yourself, so as not to further aggravate the situation.

Note! After installing a new heating element, a small smoke or burning smell may be emitted when the oven is turned on. This is quite normal, the new part burns out.

The switches do not work.

The switch is a key element of the oven electrical circuit. Its location is behind the heating knob. It is unusable due to a short circuit. It is because of the short circuit that the circuit is broken and the heating elements do not receive a signal, respectively, the oven does not heat.

You can check the performance as follows:

  1. Disconnect the oven from the mains.
  2. Set all control knobs to zero position.
  3. Turn the knob to minimum heat, clockwise, you should hear a click.
  4. Then turn the knob in the opposite direction and you should hear a click again.
  5. If there is no click, it indicates a breakdown, but you should continue to check.
  6. Turn the knob back to the zero position and plug the oven in.
  7. Turn the knob clockwise until you hear a click.
  8. Leave the knob and watch, the switch should automatically turn off after a couple of seconds, if this does not happen, then it needs to be replaced.

You can theoretically replace the switch yourself, but it is still better to invite a master. After all, the process seems not complicated, but still requires some knowledge, care, and a special tool.

Little things, but you need to know them.

It is worth noting that the oven does not turn on not only because of the above reasons, but there are also others.

For example:

– the door of the appliance is not tightly closed;

– wear of the door seal;

– improper operation of the equipment;

– damage to the fan or latch.



As you have already understood, most often the oven does not work due to frequent voltage drops in the electrical network and the burnout of the heating elements.

The way the oven is operated also affects the operation of the oven.

To protect the oven from voltage surges, install a protective relay, yes, you will need to spend some money, but believe me, it will be cheaper than changing a new control board.

Do not neglect the instructions from the manufacturer. If you study it carefully, you will be able to avoid many unpleasant moments during the operation of the equipment, and it will not soon fail to work.

But if it so happened that you need to repair the oven, then The best solution is to call a master at home or contact the service center. This calls us, and we will give you the best repair service AT ALL SAN DIEGO. With our superior performance, absolute accuracy, extensive knowledge and experience, fast and efficient service, friendly attitude, free maintenance consultation, and after-service warranty, we are proud to say that we are the leading Repair Service Provider in San Diego. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we are always committed to what we do. We are open 24/7 a week, on weekends and holidays. Our engineers will come to you 15 minutes after your call in urgent cases. Give us a call, and SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR will solve any problem.


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