Why the refrigerator began to work noisily: characteristics of the causes and their elimination

If the refrigerator began to work loudly, you should look for the cause of this phenomenon immediately, because such manifestations can mean both serious problems with the motor and minor defects, which can be quickly corrected.


Improper positioning of the refrigerator can be one of the causes of its rattling and appearance of noise.


The explanation for this phenomenon is very simple – as a result of misalignment, the compressor has an increased load, which leads to increased operation of the device and its further overloading.


In this case, the correct alignment of all the legs of the refrigerator will help to correct the situation. Its normal position is the installation on the level or a slight tilt to the back. These two positions are optimal and provide full functionality of the device. In turn, the appearance of misalignment has an increased load on the cooling system, forcing it to work harder. Especially it concerns the devices that have two motors in their design, forced to constantly work, creating unnecessary noise and vibration.


One more reason for the increased noise generation is an ice freezing on the walls of the fridge or its cooling parts. This factor also does not allow the compressor to have a good rest, forcing it to work constantly. In addition, uneven freezing can affect the weight distribution of the device, as a consequence of which there is an increased vibration. It is because of this that the refrigerator begins to jump, sway and make noise, causing great discomfort. Such a condition can also cause its complete failure in operation, which is the most negative outcome.


From time to time it is necessary to conduct preventive defrosting of the fridge, during which there is an opportunity not only to get rid of pesky ice but also to wash all the shelves and surfaces, making them clean and neat.


If the compressor shock absorbers or compressor mounts become loose, the entire refrigerator may become noisier. This also adds increased vibration and a peculiar metallic clang, which is the easiest way to diagnose this very problem. To ensure that the entire unit runs smoothly and gently, there are special fixing parts in its design that dampen the vibration of the motor. In some cases, these parts can come loose, ceasing to perform their basic functions. As a result, the refrigerator starts to make a lot of noise and sway when turned on. In turn, getting rid of this problem is quite simple – you just need to tighten the bolts that fix the shock absorbers, thereby eliminating all the negative manifestations.


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