Why the sub-zero refrigerator hum

Incorrect installation of the refrigerator is quickly eliminated. The compressor makes noise because of misalignment, it contacts the case, tubes, and metal parts and makes an unpleasant sound. More often happens when 1-2 legs of the base hang, the floor is deformed, there is vibration from the weak support, and the noise spreads from imbalance.


Compressor vibration and noise

Refrigerators close to the room wall, furnished, evaporator back wall, casings touch objects, are close do not give the volume of required air to condenser, evaporation, and condensation is not performed. The evaporator is constantly in operation, the compressor is overloaded, noisy – knocking valves, and engine vibration. Vibration is transmitted to adjacent assemblies and housing.


Visual inspection reveals compressor mounting defects. The compressor case is poorly secured, bolts are visible, nuts are not tightened all the way, and pipes near the compressor are not secured with brackets.


Failure of fans

Strong noise from the refrigeration unit is detected by checking the serviceability of the fans. The problem is common with modifications of the units with the “NO FROST” system. The models have 2 fans. The first fan serves for cooling the evaporator of the refrigerating compartment and the second one operates on the evaporator of the freezing chamber.


The constant change of temperature in the chambers creates the oscillation of the electric motor bearing grease, it hardens and dries up and thus creates the hum. Fridge noise comes from the fan’s vibration.


Electronics defects

Faulty electrical circuits cause increased noise in the unit. The failure of the starting protection relay affects the smooth operation of the refrigerator. It emits a loud humming noise when switching on by itself, and then sharply shuts down after the cold set in.


Clogging of delivery tubes of liquid freon, low and high-pressure gas, in the condenser and evaporator affects the refrigerator operation, it begins to utter an unpleasant roar and noise when restarting. The reasons are: clogging of the throttle and the filter of installation. Because of it the productivity of reception of cold decreases, loading of the compressor increases. He begins to make noise, knocking valves, and the refrigerator together with the compressor becomes a source of unpleasant sound in the apartment.


Ways of troubleshooting

The verticality of the fridge is simply eliminated, the verticality of the device is checked with a plumb on the sides, and on the front part, the horizon is checked and adjusted with the legs. The refrigerator is placed firmly on the floor base. The pads under the legs level the verticality on the uneven floor.


Compressor Noise

Older models of compressors are suspended on springs – shock absorbers. When mounts unwind from vibration, shift 3-5 % aside it creates noise of the engine case striking the metal of the spring. Tubing from the cooler to the radiator is also a source of resonator sound and noise. Strong hum and noise by reliable fasteners, aligning the springs and replacing the spring or rubber gaskets as they wear out.


Tips on refrigerator operation

The causes of the noise and sudden unpleasant sound are trivial things, the non-observance of the instructions of the device operation. The section on preparing to start the refrigerator gives tips on the correct installation and switching on. In the chapter maintenance, there are given recommendations about planned maintenance, which should not be ignored.


Even during normal operation of the refrigerator, some noises can be heard, and their sources are at least two factors. One is the compressor, which does not make a big noise during the operation, and the second one is the circulation of the refrigerant through the capillary and radiator tubes. To determine what happened to the appliance, it is necessary to listen carefully and determine the nature of the sound.

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