Why was the washing machine beat current

Does the automatic washing machine beat when the user touches the “box” or drum? – there is a malfunction of the device itself or a lack of safety measures. Yes, in the room where the owner installed the unit is too damp or/and there is no “home” network grounding. How to deal with the current from the laundry and what to do, we tell in this article.


The machine is grounded properly


The lack of grounding in-home wiring is one of the classic reasons why the washing machine beats a current through the drum, water, or cladding.

This is because in any technique, even modern, a small charge of electricity flows from the capacitors and gets into the grounding. If there is no grounding system – the current is to go nowhere: it accumulates on the cladding and details of the laundry. In buildings where many apartments, the accumulation of current occurs because there is no grounding terminal in the apartment.


Important: In the bathroom, strokes are felt harder because they are provoked by high humidity in the room. The kitchen or corridor is dry, so the user may not feel the discharge at all.


To protect yourself and your home, you need to ground. There are two ways to ground the washing machine: remove a separate socket that must be connected to the grounded electric board or make a separate circuit (this method is used in private homes).


It is forbidden! Grounding the housing to sewage and water/heating pipes: this method worsens the condition of the pipes, and wear out them faster. The minimum damage from such grounding is a flooded apartment, not only owned but also in the neighborhood.


Even easier – the creation of a separate, intended for the washing machine of the automatic type of socket. To do this, the owner should take a three-wire cable and throw it from the shield.


Remember that the grounding cord cannot be “planted” on a working zero. It is necessary to connect each of the three wire veins to the suitable tire. The illiterate connection is threatened with a short circuit.


Did you have difficulties? – Connect the copper wire only to the grounding tire and secure it firmly on the technique. But remember that the above option is safer and more correct.


The reason for the technique itself


The breakdown of home appliances is another reason why it is beating. To detect the damaged part, the user will have to release the laundry from the lining and carefully inspect all the wiring and contacts.


The element designed to heat water, the engine, and the wiring are the classic internal components of the device that cause the discharge of current: they are more than other parts prone to wear.


What to do if:


– the motor or TEN. It is difficult to correct such damage yourself: try to fill the silicone-damaged area or use tape to insulate these elements, but such actions can lead to a complete malfunction of the laundry and high level of danger. It is better to call a master who diagnoses a breakdown and gives the owner recommendations.

– the wiring punches. Some of the burnt parts of the wires inside the unit can be isolated by using a thermo-shrink type or a simple tape designed for insulation.

– In the room is damp. The obvious solution to this problem is to move the laundry to a dry place: the pantry, or kitchen. Option for lazy ” – leave the door leading to the raw room where the unit is installed, put the machine on the legs made of rubber (for example, intimidation supports Electrolux E4Whpa02): the device will not face the raw floor, and also rubber will additional isolation.


If these three methods are not rescued, call the repairman and do not use the washing machine until the master repairs or replaces the spoiled part.


Helpful tips on how to protect yourself


In addition to the grounding of the home power grid, as well as the proper condition of the washing machine, the user should protect themselves by installing a device designed for secure connection (UZO) or creating a system that equates potentials.


Reliable electrical connections that carry water, the cladding of the washing machine, shower, and/or bath cabin, as well as ventilation boxes – safety guarantor. Yes, if the user at the same time touches the two elements that conduct the current, it will not get a stroke. Such an electrical connection of the components is ensured by the equalization of the potentials of the system.


The device that serves to protect the shutdown has 10 or 30 milliampere power. It is necessary because it works automatically even with a slight leak. The RCD will react instantly and switch off the diet to the panel.


A damp room where the owner installed a washing machine, the absence of a grounding and equalizing potential system, as well as an automatic device that provides an emergency shutdown in the best case, leads to the breakdown of the washing machine, and in the worst case – harms the health of users. Therefore, it is necessary to take the time to create the necessary connection conditions for security.


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