Why Won’t The Washer Spin?

If your washer doesn’t manage to spin or agitate as you’ve already filled it with water and initiated the cycle, your clothes are not going to become any cleaner. This is something which should be tackled by a professional technician with experience in the field. However, identifying the potential causes for this issue might actually help you find the best professional to help you out.

Issues with the Agitator

In certain situations, the washer is going to fail to agitate as the agitator might be faulty. This is a part which is conveniently driven by the actual output shaft which is an integral component of your transmission. It could easily strip away or spline which could be the reason for which it gets disconnected from the overall drive-system and cause you such problems.

Now, it’s important to understand that you might actually have a two-piece, dual-action or a single-piece agitator. This is based on the brand as well as the model of your machine. If you have a dual-action unit, there is an upper portion which could easily become rather disengaged from the actual lower portion. This is when you have to consider replacing the directional cogs.

Door Lock Might Be Defective

The door latch is another component which could cause your machine to fail at initiating the spinning cycle. This is something very important for you to consider. This mechanism is one which is going to allow the beginning of the process. The logic is fairly straightforward – the door latch sends a signal that the machine is properly closed and that the spinning cycle can start and take place. This is something present in all machines and it’s mainly due to safety reasons.

However, there are also other causes which could cause a malfunctioning of the kind. You could be experiencing problems with your drive belt – it’s designed to drive the transmission. Another part that could be causing you headache is the drive block. This is the component which is designated to connect your transmission and your agitator. You can easily remove the front panel and take a look whether the drive belt is worn, broken or even loose. This is something that even unexperienced people could do so make sure to check it out as it could potentially give you a clue of what’s wrong. This can help you pick up the right specialist that is experienced and has the necessary knowledge to handle issues of the kind.

All in all, your washing machine is an integral part of your home and you can’t afford having it broken. Make sure to call the specialists and allow them to handle the task as quickly as it is possible. They understand all about the issues that can plague the washer and will repair it accordingly. That is why it is important to call on a reliable appliance repair service to work on your washer.

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