Will I Need Professional Ice Maker Repairs?

The ice maker attached or added to your refrigerator can make your life style much more convenient. The mere ease of pressing in a button to get either water or ice is a must have for busy households. Anytime you want something cold to drink, you need the ice to cool it down. Sometimes the ice makers don’t always work the way they should. When this happens, you want it fixed as quickly as possible. Should you call a professional repairman to come out and fix it or is there something that you can do to fix the issue and have ice again? Here is a quick check to help you determine the best way to get your ice maker repaired as soon as possible.

What to check when your ice maker breaks down

While you may be tempted to call a professional repairman as soon as you notice a problem, fixing it yourself will not only be self-satisfying, it will also save you money and have you enjoying ice in as little as a couple of hours after you are done. Here is a check list to help you locate the problem:

– Check the water supply to make sure that the water is turned on to the ice maker. Without a constant supply of water, the ice maker cannot make ice.
– Check the lift or chute that drops the ice down to ensure that an ice cube is not lodged and preventing ice from coming on down.
– Check the water lines to ensure that they are not frozen. When frozen, the water cannot move up to the ice trays to fill up.
– The freezer temperatures settings need to be rechecked to ensure that no one has bumped them up and it’s no longer set cool enough to freeze.
– Is the water line properly insulated? If not, there could be a problem.

Some problems not caused by the ice maker

There are other problems that can come from the ice maker, such as smelly ice cubes or ice cubes that have a strange taste to it. This could possibly mean that you need to replace the filter attached to the ice maker in order to clear up the issue. If you notice white specs inside the frozen ice cube, this could mean that you have a calcium carbonate build up. You can purchase a specific water filter that will filter these specs so they don’t make it to the ice cube.

When to call a technician

If after you have checked out everything on the list above and you still have trouble with the ice maker, such as the absence of ice cubes, then you may need a professional to replace the dispenser component. If your ice maker makes ice cubes consistently without stopping, the sensor could be bad and needs to be replaced. You want to avoid taking the ice maker apart in order to try and fix it. If it needs this much work, you will want to call an experienced appliance repair technician to assist you immediately.

Professional appliance repairs in San Diego County should always have some type of guarantee, which is to ensure that you are covered for a period of time should the problem happen again. It’s important to find a professional who can come out normally within a day of calling them so you don’t have to go so long without your ice.

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