Your refrigerator is leaking, what should you do?

Does water accumulate on the refrigerator tray little by little, although there are simply no visible reasons for such a phenomenon? You should not ignore this circumstance. Especially if you have a new model of fridge, where such problems should not be there by definition.


But how to act in such a situation? At first, it is necessary to check the external reasons, and only having made sure of their absence, it is necessary to call the master on refrigerator repair. However, sometimes it is possible to eliminate the problem independently. Today we will tell you how to do it.


What to do first, if the refrigerator leaks?

The first thing to consider is the most innocuous options. In particular, the leak can be due to the following reasons:


Temporary lack of electricity. A puddle can form even in a few hours of no electricity. Therefore, the problem is relevant for homes with unstable power supply.


Accidental or intentional pulling of the plug out of the socket. The consequences are similar.


Tipping of dishes with liquid. Incorrect placement of bowls, cups, and even pots can cause liquids to spill out.


If water ended up next to the refrigerator, the problem is not necessarily with that unit. It’s quite possible something else is leaking. For example, the radiator or the trap under the sink. Examine the room carefully and then draw conclusions. If all of the above reasons do not explain the situation, it is worth ordering the repair of the refrigerator. Other actions are unlikely to help solve the problem.


In what cases is it necessary to repair the refrigerator?

Below we will give examples of common malfunctions and ways to solve them:


Disconnection of the drainage pipe and damage to the condensate reservoir. If your refrigerator has dry walls and a small puddle outside, one of these malfunctions is the cause. In the first case, it is necessary to connect the spigot, and in the second – to replace the container.


Failure of the evaporator heater. The main symptom is a combination of ice in the freezer and a puddle under the unit. Refrigerator repair involves the replacement of the heating element.


Clogged drainage hole in the freezer. Expressed by the presence of a large volume of water in the compartment and a layer of ice closer to the freezer door. In this situation, full defrosting and careful cleaning of the mentioned hole is necessary.


Lack of freon or clogged capillary tubes. Symptom – refrigerator leaks at rather a weak cooling in the chamber. It is necessary to check sequentially the condition of all elements of the cooling system, remove clogs and fill up the refrigerant.


Damage to the thermoregulatory. In this case, water is accumulated inside the refrigerator and periodically flows out. The indicator malfunctions or does not work. Replacing the thermostat can help.


In the first and third cases, it is possible to cope with the problems yourself, but only if you have the proper experience. In other situations, it is advisable to call a specialist.


Is it possible to prevent leakage and the subsequent repair of a refrigerator?


If to carry out competent care and periodically carry out and preventive maintenance, the mentioned consequences can be avoided. To achieve the goal, it is recommended to defrost the fridge periodically (at least once in several months) and clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions (preferably every 2-4 weeks).


It is also recommended to periodically call an experienced technician to evaluate the functionality of the cooling system. This will help to identify possible malfunctions at an early stage, which will certainly prevent costly refrigerator repairs. With this approach, the owners of the equipment will not have to worry about the occurrence of really difficult situations, and the phrase “the refrigerator leaks” will lose relevance for them.


For this reason, if you need refrigerator repair in San Diego, then contact the representatives of our organization San Diego Appliance Repair, and describe the nature of the problem. After that (on the day of treatment) you will come to specialists and fix the found faults in the shortest possible time. Our service you will like. Rest assured of it!


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