7 main refrigerator breakdowns

Refrigerators from different manufacturers have different malfunctions. But in general, the main breakdowns of any brand refrigerator can be lumped into a list of 7 different malfunctions. HOME APPLIANCE SERVICE CENTER has provided the top causes in the list of malfunctions.


  1. Refrigerator compartment of the refrigerator does not cool

Causes of fridge malfunction:


– clogged capillary tube (not the drain line, but the capillary tube);

– the fan is defective, there is no “acceleration” of the cold air in the refrigerating chamber;

– The sensor is defective and as a consequence, there is no signal from the electronics for the fan to start

– Refrigerant microleakage “through the loop”.

– Microleakage in the foamed part of the cabinet


  1. The refrigerator does not turn on.



– starter relay has failed

– Control module defective

– Failure of the power supply circuit in the plug


  1. The compressor of the fridge does not start



– starter relay is broken

– Control module malfunction

– Thermostat is defective

– Faulty freezer sensor


  1. The fridge does not cool or freeze



– Refrigerant (Freon) leakage in the external circuit

– Refrigerant leakage in the inner circuit in the foamed part of the cabinet

– Faulty compressor motor


  1. Refrigerator loses



– clogged drain tube

– Defrost system is defective


  1. Freezer does not cool



– Freezer compartment sensor defective

– Faulty freezer compressor

– Freon leakage in the freezer’s circuit


  1. Fridge makes excessive noise

The reasons:


– wear and tear of the compressor motor

– fan wear

– Drain pan is loose.


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