How to clean the drain hose of a washing machine

The twenty-first century has arrived. Engineers and designers have developed a large number of household appliances, without which no man can do today. Already familiar has become a washing machine – an automatic machine. A vacuum cleaner helps to clean the room and a dishwasher cleans the dishes. All it takes is a push of a button and all the housework is done. Sometimes the appliances break down, you have to call a master. Quite often the drain hose of the washing machine gets clogged, what is the method of its cleaning, what are the ways?

Cleaning the drain hose

The problem can be solved in several ways. Contact a repair shop, and try to solve this problem without the help of a master. After all, he will not come right away. His arrival will have to wait, and the laundry will gradually accumulate. In principle, most washing machine owners will be able to perform drain hose cleaning. This work does not require special knowledge and professional skills.


Under clogging, we understand the formation of debris that prevents the drainage of liquid from the hose. It is divided into several types:

1. Mechanical. The filtration system is clogged. Various small objects, such as buttons, often get clogged.
2. Natural. When washing begins to clog the drainage system. In hair, various small particles accumulate inside. As a result, the hose becomes impassable.

The clog can be called a powerful blocker of the drainage device. As a consequence, the washing machine does not work in the set modes.

Signs of a clogged drain tube

When a clog appears, the program begins to stall. This is determined by the following signs:

– The indicators begin to flash;
– The speed of the drainage flow decreases;
– The machine begins to hum strongly;
– The touch panel does not work;
– the machine switches off permanently;
– the electronic system is triggered, and the machine switches off at the moment of draining.
– Rinse mode is switched on instead of draining.

To cope with the problem yourself, it is required to get acquainted with the design of the washing machine in advance, to understand how the drain system works. The manufacturer in the manual provides all the information you are interested in.

Useful to know! Each model of washing machine has its own peculiarities. For example, in Korean machines “Samsung” to release the drain hose, you need to see the bottom of the product. You have to put the machine on its side.

How the drain system works

Before the final drain begins, the water enters the storage tank, connected to the purifying filter, where all sorts of small particles, and small clumps of dirt are deposited.

After purification of the filter, the water flows into the impeller. Only then does it begin to drain? The impeller, rotating at high speed, creates pressure, which pushes the water through a flexible hose. This is where clogging can occur, in any area.

Where to start to clean the drain hose

To remove the clog, you must first remove the filter. On almost all models, it is located at the bottom of the front panel. It should be inspected carefully. The filter should be clean, if no objects are found, it means that the drain hose is clogged.

Such a problem can be solved in several ways:

– without disconnecting the drain tube;
– removing the drain tube;
– complete disassembly;
– flushing.

Cleaning directly on the washing machine can be performed if there are many small elements accumulated in the tube:

– hair;
– lint;
– tiny fibers.

To solve the problem, you just need to get rid of the accumulated debris. For this purpose, hardware stores offer a variety of chemicals:

– tablets;
– solutions;
– powders.

If you do not know which remedy is best, ask a consultant in the store. He will help you quickly choose the right product. Some washing machine owners use soda ash or baking soda for cleaning. They use a fairly effective recipe.

Take 200 grams of baking soda, it is poured into the drum. The mode “no laundry” is set. The temperature of the heating is set to 194 degrees. As a result, a chemical reaction begins between baking soda and water. As a result, an alkali is formed. Due to the high temperature, dirt accumulated inside the flexible hose instantly disappears.

How to clean the drain hose with the disassembly of the drainage system

Sometimes cleaning without disassembly does not give a positive result. To remove the clog, you will have to disassemble the drain system. The work must be carried out in a certain sequence, in accordance with the safety requirements:

– Before proceeding with disassembly, the machine must be disconnected from the electricity supply;
– shut off the water;
– take out the drain hose;
– put the product on the side, preliminarily laying a soft cloth.

Several tools will be required for the work:

– screwdriver;
– pliers;
– A fine toothpick.

The disassembly operation is performed in accordance with the technological process:

– the bottom panel is removed;
– the filter is released;
– the clamp is squeezed out with pliers;
– the hose is released from the pump;
– is removed from the housing.

Information! If the machine is equipped with a vertical loader, the drain hose is removed from the side of the side panel!

The disconnected tube must be cleaned well. Before starting the operation, it must be carefully inspected. Cracks, various mechanical damages, and other defects are not allowed. A cleaner tied to a sturdy fishing line is inserted inside the hose. Performing successive motions back and forth, first one side of the hose is cleaned, then the other. When the operation is complete, it is rinsed with a strong stream of lukewarm water.

If you could not get rid of dirt immediately, the tube should be soaked in a solution of citric acid. Soak it for two to three hours. Then rinse the hose thoroughly again. Reassembly work is done in reverse order.

After completing the assembly, it is necessary to perform a test wash without loading the laundry. To enhance the cleaning effect, you can add a little citric acid to the drum. Good cleans the surface of limescale.

The maximum temperature is set. Working in this mode, there will be a complete removal of the existing limescale.

Preventive maintenance

In order to eliminate the formation of clogs in the drain hose of the washing machine, it is necessary to constantly perform a few simple actions:

1. The drain filter should be checked once every three months. It is cleaned with a soft brush and rinsed with a strong stream of warm water.

2. Always check the pockets before loading things into the machine. Any items found should be removed.

3. Clothes with zippers and all buttons may be placed in the drum. Each item must be turned inside out.

4. It is allowed to use detergents specified by the manufacturer in the operating instructions.

5. Use only detergents that are used in the washing machine.

6. Delicate fabrics are washed in special mesh bags. To soften the liquid, use only the detergent indicated by the manufacturer.

7. Periodically perform descaler cleaning.

8. Install an additional filter on the hose carrying the tap water.

9. Clean the drain system at all times.

Maintenance does not take much time. But by doing this kind of work, you gain a lot of experience. It will be possible to repair the machine yourself if an unforeseen breakdown occurs.

If you suspect that a clog has formed, you just need to follow the correct algorithm:

– check the condition of the filter;
– Clean the hose, using chemical compounds;
– disassemble the drainage system.

Any of the above methods will completely solve the clogging problem.

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