Frequent malfunctions of the gas stove

The reason that the gas stove is out of order is most often improper operation, poor care, and careless handling.

In this regard, the following problems arise:

– gas is not supplied to the burners;

– the flame burns unstably or goes out from time to time;

– gas supply is poor, even when the gas knob is fully open.

Let’s try to tell you about each problem in more detail.

1. Gas is not supplied

This problem occurs, most likely due to the fact that over time the burners of the gas stove or the cutters are clogged. When you cook, food residues get into the burners, accumulate there, and then there is a problem with the gas supply. To fix this problem, you need to use a soapy solution and a thin needle or knitting needle. Those who have a gas stove with automatic ignition should check the current in the electrical network. If everything is fine with the socket and the current supply is normal, inspect the contacts, they may be oxidized. If so, wipe them using medical alcohol. If these actions did not help, the reason may be in the automatic ignition unit. It happens that over time it fails and needs repair or complete replacement. Just in case, check the gas valve, maybe it is blocked and the problem will be solved by itself.

2. The flame burns unstably or goes out from time to time.

The simplest and most harmless cause is a clogged jetter. This is a small part of the gas stove that is responsible for spraying gas. If the jetter is clogged, gas and air do not flow well to the burner, and therefore the flame will burn poorly, and sometimes it can smoke.

But, there may be more serious reasons, for example, a cracked spark plug of a gas stove, problems with the solenoid valve, or a broken control sensor.

Such problems can also occur in the oven of a gas stove, if it also has auto-ignition, then the reason is the spark plug off the gas stove, which wears out over time and needs to be replaced. But, remember that the replacement should be carried out only by a qualified specialist.

In situations when the flame goes out during cooking and the fire does not wash the thermocouple well. If you have performed all the manipulations for cleaning the nozzles, and nothing helped, then the cause may be a burned-out thermocouple. The thermocouple is a small pin made of metal and has a pointed top. It is located next to the burner and acts as a temperature control sensor. And if the fire goes out, it shuts off the gas supply. The thermocouple can also be cleaned using sandpaper, if necessary. If you need to replace the thermocouple, then it should be entrusted to a gas stove repairman. After all, to replace the thermocouple, you need to disassemble the gas stove.

3. Poor gas supply, even with the gas supply knob fully open.

In new models of gas stoves, the gas supply control system often fails or fails. As a rule, this happens due to a faulty term electromagnetic valve. This valve is very difficult to repair and it is also impossible to disable it. Therefore, either replace the valve with a new one or install a gas control for the gas stove.

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