Fridge Compressor Runs Non Stop

A refrigerator is a common device, but quite complex and not insured against breakdowns. Some malfunctions are not immediately noticeable. For example, there are cases when the refrigerator does not turn off. The device produces the necessary amount of cold, the food does not spoil, but the motor runs continuously.


If your refrigerator does not turn off, only an expert can determine the exact cause of this malfunction. It is not recommended to make any manipulations with your refrigerator by yourself as it consists of many interconnected units, assemblies and parts. If during unqualified intervention you fail one of the knots, it will affect all the work of your refrigerator and make the situation worse.

If your refrigerator runs non stop, then the cause of this problem may be:

  • Insufficiently closed door;
  • High temperature inside the room;
  • A fast freezing or cooling mode;
  • Thermostat failure;
  • Refrigerant circulation line capillaries clogging;
  • Breakage of motor or relay.


The most common cause of a non-stop refrigerator operation is a half-open door. Large dishes or a plain plate can prevent the door from closing tightly. This applies to both the refrigerator and freezer compartments. In addition, it is possible to activate the freezing mode unnoticed, which will cause the refrigerator to run for a long time without stopping. If the refrigerator is equipped with electronic control, it will automatically turn off this mode after 8 hours. But manual refrigerators will continue to run in this mode until you turn it off yourself.


If you can fix these causes of non-stop operation of refrigeration equipment by yourself, a breakdown of the compressor, temperature sensor or other parts cannot be eliminated with your own hands. In order not to waste your time, call San Diego Appliance Repair Company, we will help you to identify and eliminate the cause of incorrect operation of the refrigerating and freezing equipment quickly.


If your refrigerator is running without stopping, it may be due to rubber seal wear, thermostat breakage, control unit malfunction, refrigerant – freon leakage or compressor natural wear and tear. In this case you can’t do without the help of a specialist. Only diagnostics with the help of specialized equipment will help to answer the question why refrigerator does not turn off. The full diagnostics allows to find out quickly the exact reason of a malfunction and thus to make the maximum qualitative repair. For example, to replace the door seal, clean the capillary tube, replace the thermostat.


If you are faced with a situation where your refrigerator does not freeze much, functions without interruption and stops, you can perform a number of manipulations that will help determine the complexity and type of failure. First, it is worth checking how well the door fits the refrigerator.


Second, look at what mode the refrigerator is on. If the mode is fast freezing, then you should not worry about the constant operation of the refrigerator. The same situation can happen with high indoor temperature. In any other situations, it is necessary to call a appliance service center. Do not try to repair your refrigerator yourself, as this can lead to more complicated and expensive repairs.


If your refrigerator runs non-stop and freezes heavily,  ask our highly-qualified technicians to provide you with the best REFRIGERATOR REPAIR SERVICE in San Diego and they will immediately come to your rescue.


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