How Do Cheap Microwaves Differ From Expensive Models?

Searching for a microwave has taken on a new meaning in today’s world. Microwaves are more advanced and easier to use when you want to prepare entire meals in, including desserts. So the bottom line is to decide what you want in a microwave. Is it something that will heat your coffee up or is it something that you will pop popcorn in when you want to have a movie night? Or maybe it’s going to be a quick way for you to get dinner on the table without the hassle of a full blown home cooked meal. Whatever your reason, here are some tips to help you determine the right wave for you.

Size and Power

The size of a microwave can vary today, with so many choices. You can purchase one that mounts onto the wall, maybe above the wall oven or you can have one small one that will sit in the corner and rarely be used but convenient none the less when you need it. Remember the smaller the unit, the less cooking you can do it in. If you don’t have a lot of space on your counter for one, then the smaller unit may suffice.

There is also the topic of wattage to consider. If you have a small size, or if you want a less expensive microwave, then the price is also going to be lower. However, it’s also going to vary your time when you are cooking and you will have to account for additional time. Microwaves are available in wattage that can range from as low as 600 to as much as 1200 watts. The larger the microwave, the more wattage you can count on.

Additional Features of Expensive Models

The programming options on a microwave can vary depending on what you purchase. For example, popcorn and baked potatoes may come with their own buttons so you simply push it and it comes on. The same thing is true about defrost as well as sensor cooking. These options are available on the newer model that is a little more expensive, but it does do more than the simple and cheapest units. You can expect more even cooking results with the more expensive units because they also have inverter on them which can also mean less energy to cook with too.

Choosing the Right Microwave

When selecting the right microwave for your needs, consider first the size of your kitchen. If the unit is too big, it will most likely upset you to look at it because there is no way you can get it to fit in your kitchen with ease, unless you build on to your kitchen and expand your counter, but who can do that? When you are at the store or online comparing the different models available, Consider these tips:

– If you simply want to heat up soup or if you want to make yourself a bowl of popcorn when you feel like watching a movie, then the less expensive microwave will be fine.
– If you want to cook a full meal or if you want to use the microwave consistently to assist you in prepare a meal, then you will most likely want to pay more for the unit and get a bigger one with more options.
– If you want buttons that make it easy for the kids to heat up soup or pizza rolls, then consider the one-touch buttons and additional options that are helpful.

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