How Do You Troubleshoot A Dryer That Won’t Start?

My dryer won’t start. I press the start button, but nothing happens. The dryer is plugged into an electrical outlet. If my electric dryer is working properly but won’t start, what could be the obvious problem?

There are several parts and components that could be the cause of the dryer not starting. You can check a few simple things first, then take them apart and troubleshoot the dryer

When troubleshooting or performing maintenance, always remember to turn off the power to the dryer and turn off the dryer power switch.

What is the first easy thing to check if my dryer DOESN’T START?
1. The dryer door is not completely closed – make sure it is securely closed.
2. The dryer may not be on – check the dryer power switch and turn it on.
3. The dryer lint filter is not installed correctly – check to see if the lint filter is properly inserted into the dryer body.
4. Power cord/plug cord is loose – Check to see if the dryer power cord or plug is loose and tighten if necessary.

What defective parts can cause the dryer not to start?

  • If the dryer won’t start, make sure the door is securely closed. If the dryer door is closed but the dryer still won’t start, the door switch may be the cause.
  • A faulty heater that has “burned out” in your electric dryer will also cause the dryer not to start. This is a part that can be easily replaced. A blown fuse is a common cause of a dryer not starting.
  • The main control plate can also be a problem if the wiring harness is disconnected or the plate is faulty and has burned or melted.
  • The power cord or plug may be loose or damaged. A switch located on the dryer panel, such as the PUSH TO START switch, may also be defective or loose.
  • A faulty timer or motor relay may cause the dryer not to turn on.
  • A broken belt or problem with the dryer motor can also cause the dryer not to start correctly. Some dryers may have a remote/relay motor switch installed. This belt switch will prevent the drive motor from starting. If this happens, you will not hear the motor turning if the belt is torn.

If any of these parts turn out to be defective, DO NOT run the dryer. Check all of the parts listed below in order of appearance. Check all of the parts listed below to find the problem that is causing the dryer not to start. If your dryer has stopped working, or drum has stopped spinning, or you are experiencing any other dryer problems and need professional DRYER REPAIR service and you are based in San Diego or San Diego County, call in the experts today from SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR to get your dryer repaired.

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