Induction or electric cooktop: which is better?

When buying a modern cooktop, it is necessary to determine its type. To date, there are only three types of hobs that guarantee the preparation of tasty, healthy, or simply favorite dishes: gas, electric, and induction. With the first everything is clear: it is used in homes with gas supply or when buying cylinders with liquefied substance. For those housewives who plan to use electricity when cooking, the answer to the question “What is better – induction or electric cooktop?” becomes quite important.


The material of the hob

For the production of modern electric cooktops use, in the vast majority, glass-ceramic panels. They are durable, have good energy efficiency, and have a stylish appearance. They do not have ugly metal pancakes, which recently adorned the enamel surfaces of metal stoves. Such vestiges of the past are increasingly being sent to the countryside or are living out their time in old apartments, waiting to be replaced with more beautiful models.


Modern electric stoves are heated with spiral elements made of special alloys. Halogen heating elements are also common.


For the production of induction stoves, glass ceramic or special tempered glass is also used. In this case, the latter option has a number of undoubted advantages: the material has a lower cost, it is easy to clean and maintain, and it does not break into pieces when damaged, as it likes to do the ceramic coating.


The only disadvantage of glass is considered their edge.


Features of the induction cooktop


Such a hob also refers to electric appliances. That’s only the principle of its work that is significantly different from the principle of functioning of the usual electric stove. In the latter, the surface is heated thanks to the ability to conduct heat in the heating element, which gives the heat to the dishes installed on it, and the latter – to its contents.


Induction hob works on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which was observed in the XIX century by English physicist Michael Faraday, who described the basic laws of this process.


The principle of operation of the induction stove is based on the ability to excite an electromagnetic field, which is transmitted to the cookware. Pots and pans must have a special base made of a material with ferromagnetic properties. This material closes the conductive circuit and contributes to the induction current. This current starts to heat the cookware and its contents.


Important! Cookware for the induction cooking surface must be made of appropriate material, so when choosing such a stove with glass and ceramic pots and pans will have to part with it.


Manufacturers have actively taken care of this problem, and it is not difficult to buy suitable cookware. For those who do not want to change the usual cooking tools, there are special racks and pads.


Help! To check the validity of cookware for cooking with an induction stove, a magnet comes in handy. If it is attracted to the bottom, the accessory for making food is suitable. If there is no magnet, you can simply read the manufacturer’s information.


The advantages of the induction panel are considered to be the rapid heating of the working surface and the response to the change of temperature mode, ease of cleaning.


It differs from the electric stove in cost-effectiveness. This is due to the high speed of heating and greater efficiency, which is achieved by direct heating of the cookware, not the surface of the stove.


Induction hobs are characterized by safety in use. Firstly, their heating comes from the cookware and is characterized by much lower rates, so you will have to try hard to get burned. Secondly, the stoves are equipped with an automatic shutdown function when the water boils off or when an empty pot is on the surface.


Such cooking surfaces are equipped with built-in fans, which are designed to cool the panel, so that during the operation there may be a little noise, which electric stoves do not have.


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