Is Your Refrigerator Making Noise? Common Issues

Occasionally, you may hear strange noises coming out from your refrigerator, such as banging, crackling, or popping. Do not worry, as this is a side effect of thermal expansion of materials. Materials shrink when exposed to cold, which causes unusual noises to appear. This is most often caused by the metal casing of the refrigerator or, for example, metal pans stored in the refrigerator.

If you think that the refrigerator is gurgling, this is also normal. These strange noises are caused by the movement of refrigerant gases as they turn into liquid inside the refrigeration system.

Fridge vibration can be very similar to strange noises. However, in this case, it is a problem that you can solve. Vibration of the refrigerator body or the refrigerator contents is caused by incomplete contact with the floor. You may have placed it on an uneven surface. This should help the refrigerator level out. If it has adjustable feet, you could easily level the refrigerator with the help of a spirit level. A light padding will also help.
If the refrigerator is still vibrating, it may indicate a problem with the fan. Vibration is a sign of a worn out fan. However, in this case, we recommend to call a specialist who will replace it if necessary.

Does Your Refrigerator Run Non Stop?

If you have the feeling that the refrigerator does not turn off, that its compressor continues to work, but at the same time the insides do not freeze, then the problem is most likely in the refrigeration system itself. The most common problem is a refrigerant leak. The refrigerator can’t reach the desired temperature, and the thermostat won’t shut off the compressor. This malfunction is definitely a reason to call for service.

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