Professional Advice On Replacing A Dishwasher

Now, replacing a dishwasher is something that every homeowner needs to go through every once in a while. As unfortunate as it may be, our appliances get outdated, broken or simply need a replacement. When this happens, it might be particularly beneficial for you to be well aware of the things that you need to take care of in advance. That’s going to help you be prepared for the job and prevent you from doing some common mistakes which could turn out to be costly and time-consuming.

Step 1: Preparation

In the majority of the situations you wouldn’t really need any specific tools or skills in order to replace your own dishwasher. The standard measurement is about 24 inches wide so you wouldn’t really have to alter any cabinets in order to get your new machine to fit. Of course, you will have to alter your cabinets if you are going to get a wider or thinner machine. So, step one would be to take all the right measurements in order to ensure that everything is handled perfectly.

Step 2: Disconnecting electricity and water

Not only should you consider disconnecting the power, you should also take off the front panel of the dishwasher in order to make sure that it’s off. That’s very important as safety should always be your prime concern. You should also disconnect the water supply to the dishwasher. Usually the supply line is made out of copper which is flexible. You need to remove the nut which is securing it to the fitting that’s on your dishwasher.

Step 3: Preparing the new dishwasher

The same 90-degree fitting that connects your machine to the water supply should be properly wrapped with Teflon tape before you screw it to the new water valve. This is going to tighten it up and ensure that no water leaks. Now, the preparation isn’t that challenging – make sure to read the user’s manual properly and usually almost everything is going to be there in the description.

Step 4: Final touches

This is where you slide in the new dishwasher in its place. Make sure that you level it perfectly and slide it in conveniently. Once you are done, you will also have to reconnect it to the electricity as well as to the water pipe that’s providing the supply.

In any case, these are the basic steps that you would have to account for if you are to replace your current dishwasher. The process might not be as challenging but it’s definitely time-consuming. Having a professional handle it for you might cost you a bit but it’s definitely going to spare a lot of efforts and issues. Appliance repair services in San Diego County have licensed and experienced professionals that can handle the removal of an old dishwasher and installation of a new one. They are experienced on working with different brands and will be able to get the job done quickly.

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