Pros and cons Induction or electric cooktop

This section has already been partially touched on in a previous article. So now we will just summarize the comparison of the two surfaces.


Electric hob


The advantages of the electric stove become:


– more affordable than its induction counterpart;

– ease of connection: the installation can be made by your own forces, without the involvement of specialists;

– familiar procedure and speed of cooking;

– noiselessness of work;

– the use of any dishes;

– compatibility with other household appliances.


The disadvantages become:


– a low percentage of efficiency (30-60%);

– heating the surface to a high temperature, the possibility of getting burned;

– the impossibility of automatic switching off;

– the probability of damaging the glass-ceramic surface, and sticking of food remains. This is especially true for salt and sweet solutions.


Induction hob


The advantages of such a hob have become:


– maximum efficiency, reaching a record high of 90%;

– Maximum saving of energy and time spent on cooking and heating;

– Maximum safety of use;

– easy cleaning after the end of the cooking process;

– Increase in the number of useful functions available;

– the ability to quickly change the temperature mode, both upward and downward, which cannot be achieved by a slow electric stove;

– a variety of shapes and colors.


Disadvantages include:


– higher cost;

– the need to replace dishes or purchase additional elements;

– the inability to use some familiar items that occupy a small area. An example is a coffee maker;

– the probability of the negative impact of electromagnetic fields on other household appliances. Before buying will have to check the compatibility of all elements of kitchen appliances;

– increased requirements for wiring (induction field technology will require more power);

a little noise that occurs during operation.




The final decision on the choice of equipment depends largely on the individual preferences and tastes of each housewife or home cook.


After replacing an electric stove with an induction stove, at first, there will be discomfort associated with the change in cooking speed. Often the food will burn or dry out in the pan. But this also happens when you switch between gas and electric stoves.


The process of getting used to it can strongly depend on age: the older a woman is, the harder it will be for her to master the new technique and the longer the adaptation period will be.


It should be taken into account that such a change of stoves will require replacing the usual pots and pans, which entails additional costs. And the cost of a more modern stove is not the most budgetary.


It will be necessary to pre-check the electrical wiring of the apartment or house. The thickness of the electrical cable and the rating of the switch must fully comply with the data in the technical passport of the planned update.


If all these data are the same and the hostess is ready for change, then the new stove will soon please her economy, safety, and functionality.


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