Repairing Appliances Helping To Save World

Refrigerator not cooling. Washing machine leaking water. Your oven won’t heat up. If any of your appliances have been acting up, you are probably faced with the question of whether to repair the appliance or buy a new one. Many people opt to replace the malfunctioning appliances at the first sign of stress. This has led to tons of fixable appliances being discarded off. The speed at which the appliances are being disposed has increased tremendously. This has given birth to an environmental disaster that will continue to worsen if nothing is done.

We are also in this digital era of technological advancement where there is always a new upgrade. Some consumers are obsessed with upgrading every time there is something new in the market. This obsession has cultivated a culture of using and throwing away appliances and other electronic devices without considering the effects they have on the environment and the globe at large. With this surge comes the need to take measures of this rapidly escalating issue.

When it comes to appliances, your actions are part of something bigger – the environment. As an individual, you can do a great deal to lessen the environmental impact of appliances. There is no need to sentence your precious appliance to an early death. From an environmental perspective, it’s better to call a repair technician instead of the junk removal company.

Unlike buying new appliances, repairing will not dig deep in your pockets hence saves you money and you will be making the world a better place. Every home owner should consider repairing their appliance first before replacing. Environmentalists who have a strong interest in minimizing environmental damage recommend repairing appliance after breakdown instead of rushing to replace it. The appliance would still have more life in them after repairs.

Environmental Impact of Old Appliances

Discarding appliances in disposal areas pose a threat to the environment and tag a long list of adverse outcomes. Appliances contain many toxic substances in addition to metal and plastic. Some of these appliances emit ozone-depleting gases that have a major effect on global warming. The materials that make the appliances create non-biodegradable waste which takes up to hundreds of years to decompose. So, when you discard that appliance, you not only affect your generation, but also the next.

Some of the materials that make the appliances are eliminated using thermal destruction. Burning of such material releases toxic fumes into the environment that have a negative effect on our health.

Lack of proper management of waste has had adverse effects on climate and poses a threat to the health of human and animals. Climate change has led to negative outcomes such as extreme weather conditions, health risks, higher sea levels, and lower agricultural output, among others. It has also led to different types of pollutions, from soil pollution to water and air pollution. The toxic materials sip into the groundwater while the gases pollute the atmosphere.

Why Repair Appliances

The more appliances are repaired and reused, the less waste that winds up in landfills. Even with the presence of waste recycling companies and programs, the percentage of recovery still remains very low. Repairing, therefore, reduces the risk of waste in landfills.

In other instances, the recyclers only manage to recycle some parts of the appliances. The rest of the machine is left to decay and end up releasing toxic gases in the atmosphere. Therefore, repairing your appliances will minimise such problems.

Repairing also saves resources that would otherwise be used in manufacturing new products. When you buy instead of repairing, you create more demand for the appliance and hence encourage manufacturers to make more appliances. These materials used to manufacture the new appliances are being drained at an alarming and unsustainable rate, and therefore, repairing your appliance will play a significant part in saving the resources.

When to Repair Appliances

If your appliance has broken down, malfunctioned or working inefficiently, it may be time to call a technician. There are many ways to fix your leaky dishwasher, noisy freezer, or any other appliance issues. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always turn to a professional repair service.

However, in some instances, replacing may be considered a better choice. For instance, when you have old appliances that use too much energy, you can invest in a modern energy-efficient model. Use of such appliances minimizes exploitation of natural resources such as coal, water, and oil. Generation of energy using these substances causes environmental pollution. For example, burning coal and natural gas release excessive amount of CO2 to the atmosphere, which is harmful to the ozone layer.

In such a case, you should find a certified appliance recycler who will properly recycle the appliance and not just dump it where it can cause damage. Some use primitive techniques which result in hazardous substances.

But How Old is too Old?

The average lifespan of major household appliances is:

– Freezer – 11 years
– Refrigerator – 13 years
– Washing machine – 10 years
– Dryer – 13 years
– Dishwasher – 10 years
– Gas ovens – 10 years
– Microwave – 9 years

Appliances can last more years after the lifespan if they are correctly maintained. And with the increasing list of repair companies, repairing these appliances is easy and cost-effective. However, not everyone with a logo on their shirt is qualified to repair appliances. It’s very crucial for you to hire authorized and professional technicians like Nationwide Appliance Repair. Some online websites and articles offer free tips on how to resolve common problems in appliances. Also, YouTube videos can help you troubleshoot and make simple repairs.

Maintenance is Crucial

Proper care must be put into consideration to keep drawing benefits from your appliances. Regular maintenance extends the life of the appliances and enables you to identify a potential problem and take action to keep the appliance in good working condition.

It’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s directions on preventive maintenance. These guidelines will make the appliance run more efficiently. Regularly replacing parts will also maintain functionality. This way, you continue to use your appliance without having to throw it away.

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure.

Appliances can be repaired, refurbished, and resold domestically or abroad. For those replacing the appliances due to style preference, you can resell or donate the appliance to friends or charities instead of discarding it. It can help someone else in need. You will put a smile on someone’s face and at the same time save the environment.

For consumers, one can consider buying a refurbished model or a used appliance that is a good working condition. This way, you will be saving more of the earth’s resources by contributing to waste reduction. Such models also cost less hence will save you money.

Repair and Save the World

As much as we dream of times where every part of an appliance can be recycled and reused, we are still far from such times. If you are wondering whether to repair or replace your ten-year-old refrigerator, the answer is not now. From an environmental perspective, it’s always better for the environment to have your malfunctioning appliance repaired and kept functional for as long as possible. If we use appliances for their full life, repair them when necessary, maintain properly, and reuse components, we will make this world a better place, for us and the generations to come. Be a better global citizen by repairing appliances and do your part in reducing this environmental menace and saving the world..

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