Replacing TEN in Samsung washing machine

The Samsung TEN is one of the most important elements in a technique that heats water to perform washing cycle.


When such a spare part fails, the machine cannot perform its basic functions as before. The heater is not repaired, it should only be replaced with new ones. You can do this yourself, following some recommendations for replacing Ten Samsung, which we will talk about in our article.


How to Determine Ten Fault


Determining the heater in the Samsung washing machine is quite simple.


This can be seen on the following features:


– washing things in cold water;

– the linen is poorly cleaned;

– electricity consumption during operation of the machine has increased significantly.


If you have a Samsung Eco Babel or Samsung Diamond, then in the case of water heating problems, an H1 error will appear on the display and the washing cycle will end earlier than the specified time.


In most cases, the replacement of TEN in the Samsung washing machine is required due to poor water quality. If you do not carry out preventive cleaning in the washing machine in time and do not fight high water rigidity, then the scum layer on the details of the technique can be very thick and Ten Samsung will burn.


How to find a TEN in the Samsung Washing Machine


In Samsung’s washing machines, TEN is either ahead or back. Therefore, to get to the heating element, it is not enough to simply unscrew the back cover of the machine.


If you do not know exactly where the TEN for the washing machine is located, it is best to start disassembling the device to remove the back cover. To do this, unscrew the 4 screws. Do not forget that before you go to disassemble, be sure to disconnect the equipment and disconnect the water intake hose from the water supply system. If the heater has not been detected after removing the back cover, the front panel of the washing machine will have to be removed. This is a more time -consuming process that needs to be performed in the following steps:


– pull out the drainage filter to easily drain the water that could stay in the tank;

– pull the dispenser for detergents, you can do this with a special button inside it;

– after removing the dispenser you will be able to see 2 screws holding the front panel, they must be unscrewed;

– unscrew another bolt to the right in the control panel and slide it without removing;

– Using a thin screwdriver, pick up a clamp that holds the seal rubber, and turn the cuff itself inside the drum;

– another panel must be unscrewed near the garbage filter;

– after these actions, the front part of the housing will only be held on two hooks: in order to remove it, you need to take the panel from below and lift up;

– As soon as you remove the front wall, you will immediately see the tail of the heating element under the tank.


Checking Ten


Before replacing the TEN in the Samsung washing machine, make sure it is really faulty. You can use any appliance to check the resistance. The best and inexpensive device is a multimeter called the tester.


To do this, follow simple actions:


– adjust the tester in resistance check mode and set the lowest value in Ohms;

– gently remove from the built -in temperature sensor and from the contacts all the wires;

– one probe touches one contact of the heater, and the other – the other;

– If you have seen a value in the range from 25 to 30 Ohms, it means that the TEN is working, and if 0 or 1 – then you need to replace the TEN in the washing machine.


Replacing TEN in Samsung washing machine


If you are convinced that your heater has failed and you have already bought a new one, you can start replacing it.


We follow simple instructions for this:


– Using the end key, unscrew the small nuts on TEN contact;

– Take both contacts of the old part and try to loosen it;

– then pull the heater with a slot screwdriver and gently remove from the tank;

– Install a new TEN for Samsung washing machine.


WARNING! Do not overdo it, getting TEN: if the contacts break off, it will be more difficult to get the heater.


Useful recommendations


Before installing a new heater, check the hole in which it was located. Over time, it can gather dirt and debris, which may interfere with the functioning of a new spare.


Replacing the TEN in the washing machine the price of the master’s services may be different. But having a little experience in the disassembly of home appliances and following our recommendations, such repairs can be done independently.


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