The washing machine lock does not unlock – what to do

Everyone knows that after the end of the washing cycle, the washing machine should automatically open the door after a couple of minutes.

But, it may happen that this door does not open. What is the reason and how do act? In this article, we will talk about all the reasons why this may happen.

The washing machine can stop in the middle of the washing cycle, during the centrifuge or rinsing, and the door of the appliance will remain locked. But, it may be that the machine will finish the washing process, but the door will remain closed. No matter at what point the machine stopped, the main thing is not to use force to open its door. After all, the result of your efforts can only be a broken handle. It still will not work, and the door will remain closed. You will just get additional costs because you will have to buy a new handle.

Keep calm and listen to some useful tips:

1. At the end of the wash, the machine drains all the water, stops and after a minute the door automatically opens. But, in some models, it may take more time, about five minutes.

2. It is worth checking whether there is water left in the machine. There are some models of machines, especially new ones, in which the hatch is programmed from the factory to open only when there is no water inside the tank. This is a precautionary measure to avoid a flood. In this case, you need to use a special program “Drain water”.

3. If the advice described above did not help to cope with this task, then try to turn off the appliance for about half an hour. Then plug the washing machine back into the outlet. Sometimes it happens that the control board may malfunction in the operation of the device. Disconnecting will allow you to overload the machine and eliminate the failure.

4. If the washing process is finished and the door does not open, try to start the washing again. The machine is programmed so that before starting the washing it checks whether the hatch is blocked or not. If you find this moment, you will be able to open the door and the start program will be disabled automatically.

If all of the above did not help, and the door remained closed, then most likely your washing machine is broken and you need to take it to the service or call a master for repairs at home.

Let’s try to understand the reasons for the failure of the machine and the methods of correction. But, still, the best assistant is the master.

The manufacturer in the development of its products thinks through every detail in order to make the user feel comfortable. Therefore, all programs are provided for locking the door to avoid floods and everything else. But, the factory also provides that the door of the washing machine can be opened manually. For this, there is a special cable near the water drain hatch.

Once again, we remind you that very often it helps in case of a locked door to disconnect the appliance from the mains.

In almost every machine, on the front panel at the bottom, where the drain hatch is located, there is an orange cable. This cable is responsible for manually opening the hatch of the machine.

But, there may be a model that does not have an orange cable. In this case, you will have to remove the front panel of the washing machine. Next, tilt the appliance back, this will move the drum away from the front wall of the machine. After that, try to get the lock catch and move it to the side to unlock the hatch.

Do not forget, the washing machine is a fragile household appliance, so if you are not sure that you can cope with these actions, it is best to take the machine to the service or invite a master. The fact is that if you do not cope with this task, you will have to buy a handle and replace it, and it will cost much more.

The main reason for the failure of the machine is problems with the functioning, the part responsible for the automatic locking of the hatch, or the malfunction of the door handle of the washing machine.

If the cause of the malfunction is the hatch locking device (UBL), then it cannot be repaired, the UBL device must be replaced completely.

To replace the UBL, remove the top cover of the machine, and unscrew the screws holding the hatch lock device. You can unscrew the screws only by opening the locked door. This is possible by tilting the machine and unlocking the door manually. Then remove the clamp fix the hatch and disconnect the right side of the hatch cuff. A hand should pass into the hole formed to remove the screws. Remove the UBL and replace it with a new one. When removing the lock, remember or draw the sequence in which you did all the work to remove the lock, so as not to forget later.

Having done all the necessary work, you need to check whether the UBL is securely installed. Plug the washing machine into the network, select a short program and start it, the machine should lock the door, and after a couple of minutes, the door will unlock.

Another common breakdown is a faulty washing machine handle. This problem can be solved only by one method – replacing the door handle. This is not a complicated procedure. The door of the machine consists of plastic rims that surround the glass hatch. These rims are fastened with self-tapping screws and special latches. To conveniently change the handle, remove the door from the hinges, unscrew the screws, and disconnect the rims from each other. A handle is attached to one of the halves, and a tongue is attached to it, which fixes the door in the case.

Having taken up the replacement of the handle, remember the whole sequence of actions well, so that later during assembly there are no extra parts and bolts. If you are not sure that you will remember, then draw or photograph each step.

When you finish installing the new handle, turn on the washing machine and run the shortest program to check if everything is done correctly. It is important that the door is not only locked when the program is started but also well-fixed.

Blocking the door of the washing machine may be that things got into the lock when loading. But, pulling and pulling the door is not necessary. Remove the top cover of the washing machine, having previously disconnected it from the mains, then find the place where things are caught and use a screwdriver to remove them.

To perform all these actions, the machine must be tilted. When tilting, make sure that there is not a lot of water in it, otherwise, water will get on the control module and the module will burn out. And then the repair will not be particularly profitable, because the module is very expensive and the repair also costs money.

Probably everyone was faced with the fact that they just put the washing and the electricity was cut off. Perhaps just knocked out the plugs, but maybe the reason for the lack of light is that there was an accident at the substation, and there will be no light for several hours. In this case, do not leave the laundry in the machine.

More problems will arise with a washing machine that has front loading. After all, in such a machine, if the power goes out, the door cannot be opened, even if you make effort. After all, everything is programmed in such a way that if there is water in the washing machine, the door will not open, this will protect you from the flood. It is for this reason that you should not try to open the hatch manually if you are not sure that there is no water in the machine.

1. If the washing machine does not open, then you should take the instructions and look at the detailed actions in it when the door is locked.
2. Check whether the water is completely drained from the washing machine or not.

3. Unlock the door, you can de-energize the machine.

4. Check the functioning of the hatch locking device, or the washing machine handle.

5. If the washing machine has blocked the door due to a power outage, you must first make sure that there is water in the machine or not and only then open the lock.

6. In the case when you do not have confidence that you can cope with the replacement of the UBL or handle it yourself, it is better not to undertake, it but immediately contact the service center. After all, if something goes wrong with self-repair, you will have to pay more than immediately calling the master.


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