Trouble Shooting Tips To Use When Refrigerator Stops Working

These suggested measures accomplish three different purposes, each of which aids the homeowner’s ability to deal with a breakdown of the home’s refrigerator.

How this tips takes care of the diagnostic aspect of dealing with the refrigerator’s breakdown

A good troubleshooter would realize immediately that it would pay to check on the amount of power being fed to the refrigerator. Is the appliance plugged in? If it is plugged in, then what is the condition of the plug; is it working fine?

If the plug appears damaged or even worn, then it becomes really necessary to see how the refrigerator responds, if it gets power through an extension. If a long enough extension is not available, then the outlet that could be faulty should be tried with several small appliances. For example, a working hair dryer could be plugged into the outlet that had held the refrigerator’s plug.

How this tip eliminates one possibility and moves on to the next

How extensive is the breakdown in the refrigerator? Is the appliance’s electrical system totally gone? In order to answer that question, open the refrigerator’s door and look at the light that should reveal what is on the shelves. Is that light working?

If the light is still working, then the electrical system appears to remain functional, at least in one section of the wiring. If that light were off, then that would suggest a total breakdown of every system within the appliance.

Why is such information so important? Such information can be given to a repair person, once hehas responded to a request for service. A troubleshooter’s tips such as this one calls for collection of all the manuals obtained when the refrigerator was first purchased. A repair tech studies such materials before taking apart a broken down appliance, such as a refrigerator.

What to do while waiting for arrival of the requested repair technician

Do not search in the fridge for something to eat. The refrigerator’s door should stay closed, so that it holds in the lower temperature, the one that it had reached before the breakdown. Obviously, it cannot prevent a rise in the temperature on the shelves, if the door opens, allowing the entrance of warmer air.

Do collect a few towels. Those fluffy objects may come in handy, if the fridge starts to leak. Place the collected towels on the floor in the area around the non-functioning appliance. When the appliance repair technician in San Diego County arrives, he or she will not have to struggle over puddles, if the towels have done their job.

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