Troubleshooting Electrolux Dishwasher Error Codes

With a broken dishwasher, the user will have to perform a complete inspection of the appliance. To make troubleshooting easier, the manufacturers have installed a self-diagnostic system. The error codes of Electrolux dishwashers are shown on the display. You only need to understand their meaning to determine the cause of the malfunction.

i10 ErrorWater not spraying

Water pressure is low – we recommend to check water supply.
Jets may be clogged – check and clean them.

i20 Error- Drain hose is blocked.

There is a clog in the drain hose or filter – check both drain hose and filter for clogging with food residue or grease.

i30 ErrorWater accumulation

Water is in the bottom of the washing machine – water is not draining, possibly due to a clogged filter. Drain the water and contact the customer service.

i40, i41, i43 Errors

Door – check whether the door is closed properly and whether the closing mechanism works.
Filter is clogged – check filter and remove debris.

i50 Error- Circulation/friction pump short circuit

Faulty motor or circulation pump – check wiring or for mechanical damage.

i60 ErrorHeating water

Heat exchanger malfunction – check correct wiring, check for damage, possibly a faulty circulation pump.

i70 ErrorThermistor

Short-circuit or open circuit in the thermistor – check the thermistor, replacement may be necessary.

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