You have habitually started the washing machine, and after a while, you find that the washing has stopped. At the same time, there is no error on the display, and sometimes the machine is so turned off that the display and/or indicators are not lit. Typically, the washing machine shutdown occurs in one of the following scenarios.

The machine turns on and off on its own during operation. The washing program does not complete. Whatever your scenario, the washing machine shutting down while running is not the norm. It is necessary the washing machine repair.  Let’s figure out what is the reason for this behavior of the technique, and what can be done.

The washing machine shuts down – when you can fix it yourself

Not always the disconnection of the washing machine during operation is associated with a breakdown. The following reasons can lead to it:
1. Faulty socket
Perhaps in the socket “departed” contacts, due to which the washing machine turns off. You need to check the socket yourself or call an electrician. If necessary, repair it.
2. The machine is connected to the mains through an extension cord
Modern models of extension cords have protection. When the load becomes too great, a protective relay is triggered. To fix the problem, connect the machine to a grounded outlet.
3. unstable mains voltage or power outages
To solve the problem, contact the power supply company. If the voltage surges constantly – it is necessary to install a voltage relay.
4. The door is not properly closed
If the washing machine switches off without drawing water, try opening and closing the door again.
5. Single control board malfunction
Sometimes the washing machine’s control board “hangs”. To reset it, disconnect the machine from the mains (by pulling the plug from the socket) and turn it on again after 10-15 minutes. If there was a one-time failure, then after disconnection the machine will work normally.
If none of the options did help in your case, unfortunately, the washing machine is broken, and you need to call a master.

Probable malfunctions that require repair

There are quite a few reasons why the washing machine shuts down. We have summarized the experience of the workshop SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR and compiled a list of the most common breakdowns in which the automatic washing machine shuts off.

1. Control module
Most often, individual elements on the board are burned out or the tracks in the heating circuit and motor control are oxidized/burned out.

2. Door interlock device
If the machine shuts off in various stages of the cycle, there is probably contact in the hatch locking device or on the board in the door lock circuit. When the signal goes out, the washer stops.
When the hatch lock device is defective at all – the machine cannot lock the hatch, and the washing does not start.

3. Power button
The contacts in the button are probably loose, or it is broken and “stuck”.

4. Mains filter
This assembly protects the machine from power surges and suppresses interference from the washing machine. When it fails, the machine shuts down or does not work properly.

5. Washing machine motor
A short circuit has probably occurred in the motor windings.

6. Plug or power cord
Due to mechanical damage or vibration from a running washing machine, the contacts in the plug are weak. The power cord may snap.

7. Wiring or contacts in the hatch or motor interlock circuit
Sometimes the signal is lost from the washer power inlet to the control box. This problem is usually caused by vibrations from the washing machine. In the private sector, the wiring can be damaged by rodent pests.

If your washing machine shuts off while you are washing, rinsing, or spinning, do not hesitate – to contact the professionals! Call SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR or book your service.

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