Why doesn’t the washing machine switch modes?

Washing program switching problems are an indication of a technical fault in the appliance. Parts break down due to short circuits, mechanical influences, poor water quality, and natural wear and tear.


If a certain washing program won’t switch, try selecting a different mode, such as rinse or spin. To rectify the problem, you must first identify the faulty assembly. Diagnosis involves disassembling the machine and checking that each part is working properly. In situations where the washer-dryer will not start the wash, but the spin and rinse are enabled, you can safely rule out the possibility of damage to the pump and all the drainage system components.


Pay attention to the display, which shows the error code. This will make it possible to determine the nature of the fault as quickly as possible. Sometimes, however, the fault code does not appear. Start the diagnosis by checking the heating element. If it does not heat the water, this can be determined even without disassembling the appliance. Put your hand on the door glass after about 15 minutes of operation. If it is cold, there is indeed a problem with the heating element.


Failure of the electronic control unit is a more serious problem. This component is difficult to replace. And in general, the replacement of electronics is very expensive. This kind of washing machine repair is best left to the engineers at San Diego Appliance Repair.


The washing machine does not switch to rinse and spin, but the washing starts


Failure to switch modes is also indicative of a hardware malfunction. You can repair the malfunction yourself. However, the specifics of the repair vary depending on the damaged part.


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