Common breakdowns of dryers and their repair

Dryers are a relatively new type of household appliance, which is still gaining popularity. Despite a certain novelty of the device itself, today the market already presents dozens of dryer models from world-famous brands: Bosch, Samsung, LG, and Electrolux. But no matter how qualitative and reliable such a device is, it is not insured against breakage.

Causes of breakdowns of dryers
Experts highlight several factors, due to which the dryer can fail:

1. Violation of the rules of operation. Here it is worth noting a whole complex of aspects. First, people often overload the machine with clothes. The characteristics of dryers always indicate the maximum load for cotton clothes. Jeans, wool, and synthetics weigh more, that is why the loading limit should be reduced (by 2-3 kg). If you do not take this nuance into account, you will systematically overload the motor, drive belt, or drum rollers, due to which these components will fail. Also, the dryers can not be placed too wet things (in which too much moisture). They are heavier (and here we come back to the first point); in addition, the machine will dry such things for too long, and this is fraught with overheating of the motor, the heating element, or even the drum.

2. Careless operation. This point is very similar to the previous one but has its subtleties. In this case, we are talking about sudden slamming of the door (the latching mechanism can break), and strong pressure on the buttons (the sensor or the gasket of the physical button can fail). It is also extremely important to be careful when putting clothes into the drum. If you throw everything in at once, your closet items may get tangled (and even the blades won’t help). If a lump forms in the drum, the load will be uneven. This will cause imbalance and rapid wear of the belt as well as the rollers.

3. Poor maintenance. Any (even the most expensive) dryer requires periodic maintenance. On condenser models, the moisture collection container must be cleaned at all times. You also need to periodically clean the lint filter. If the design includes an outlet hose, it should also be periodically disconnected and flushed. Otherwise, your machine will be clogged with structural elements, which will cause malfunctions.

4. Natural wear and tear. Usually, this cause affects the outlet elements of the dryer: the hose for draining or drainage of condensate, and the pump for pumping out moisture. Also, over time, some parts of the motor can fail.

5. Factory defect. In general, no one is immune from this cause. The machine can be delivered to you with all sorts of defects: the door closes badly, one of the sensors does not work, and one or more controls do not respond to commands. To avoid such troubles, it is better to buy quality models from reputable manufacturers (we indicated them at the beginning of the review). In addition, when buying, you must be given a guarantee.

Common breakdowns of dryers: identifying and eliminating problems
To begin with, let’s discuss one nuance. If the machine does not turn on or “refuses” to start the working mode, you may have made one of the user errors. Be sure to check the following points:

1. whether the machine is connected to the power supply;
2. whether the door is closed properly;
3. whether the display and timer function properly;
4. What is the condition of the filter (some models have a blockage when it is clogged);
5. Has the condensate tank been cleaned (here also a safety lock can be activated);
6. whether the outlet element is securely connected to the machine (if the condensate is discharged into the sewer or ventilation).

If the above points are normal, but the appliance still does not work, inspect it for obvious damage (external and internal). Damage includes cracks, dents, and loosened structural elements (which should be static). If you find defects, the best solution is to call a master at home or contact the service center. Call us and we will provide you with the best dryer repair service in all of SAN DIEGO. With our excellent work, absolute precision, extensive knowledge and experience, and fast and efficient service. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, on weekends and holidays. Call us and SAN DIEGO APPLIANCE REPAIR will solve any problem you may have.

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