The microwave does not spin the plate; what is the reason?

Microwave has long been popular in the home, so when such equipment breaks down, it brings inconvenience to the usual rhythm of life of users. Especially if the breakage is minor; for example, the plate in the microwave does not spin, due to which the device can not perform its functions.

Can I use the microwave if the plate does not spin?
However, in modern models, a special plate rotates the food, and they are quickly heated. Consequently, if the microwave does not spin the container, you can use the oven, but it is unlikely that your food will reheat as it will standstill. And here, as before, you’ll need your help to make sure the dish heats evenly.

What are the reasons why the microwave plate stopped spinning
Let’s figure out why the plate in the microwave won’t spin, shall we?

The reasons why the microwave does not spin can be divided into the following types: technical and mechanical.

Mechanical reasons are the type of reasons that users themselves have created, and they can get rid of them. Such causes can include the following:

1. A large plate was placed in the oven against the Microwave’s walls. As a result, the whole work of the device was slowed down, and the microwave stopped spinning. To correct this situation is straightforward to pull out such a container and use the cookware for its intended purpose and size.

2. a considerable amount of food was placed on the plate, and the oven motor could not cope with such weight. You need to remove some of the food, and the oven will work again as before.

3. The microwave is filthy. A lot of dirt has accumulated on its moving elements and even leftover food; as a result – the plate in the microwave does not rotate. Clean your appliance, and it will work again like before.

4. Well, the last and most common variant is when users misplace the plate due to their inattention.

The dish does not spin – for technical reasons
Technical reasons why the microwave does not spin the plate: fixing on their own will not be so easy. It is better to apply to a specialized service center or call a master at home.

These types of reasons include:

1. Faulty gear reducer pinion. To fix the problem, you need to replace it.
2. The coupling of the platter motor shaft has failed. The solution is also to replace it with a new coupling.
3. There is a problem with the winding of the motor. There are two options: either replace the winding, or it will be necessary to replace the microwave plate motor completely. For diagnosis, it is better to call a competent specialist.
4. Disturbance of contacts or their short circuit in the power circuit. Call a technician to repair the course.
5. Microwave motor breakdown.
6. Microwave light bulb is not working. The light bulb is included in the electrical circuit sequence in many microwave models. When the bulb burns out, the circuit is accordingly broken, and the microwave plate does not spin. It is necessary to replace the light bulb and restore the device’s operation.

Breakdown of the microwave motor
The most severe and expensive breakdown due to which the microwave does not spin is the failure of the microwave motor. In this case, you will have to replace the entire engine, which is not cheap. The most important thing is to install a new part qualitatively so that it does not burn out again and the oven works for many more years. Therefore, it is better to entrust such work to a qualified master.

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